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Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic Review

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic

If the coming weeks you read a post about me suddenly dying my hair brown don't be at all surprised. Today I woke up and decided I don't really know how I feel about being blonde and kinda (I'm not entirely certain) want long, flowing brunette tresses. Oddly it is not the upkeep of being blonde that is swaying me but rather the fact my scalp hates bleach and takes months to recover. Itchy, red and wait for it...scabby scalps really aren't all that attractive. On the plus side my scalp problems have opened me up to a new world of products such as Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that to have good hair you do need to keep your scalp healthy which in my mind is easier said than done. I mean other than shampoo or perhaps a little coconut oil really what can you do? Enter Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic which is not only a soothing treatment but with continued use it can help promote hair growth. Basically using the fine tipped nozzle you apply Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic directly to the scalp and massage in when the hair is damp and style as usual. As some one with a dried out and often itchy scalp I can not begin to tell you how wonderful this feels when being applied - it is cooling, soothing and really does stop me from clawing away at my head. I find that although the initial relief is instant, with continued use my scalp has been less dry and generally irritated which is a bonus.

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic contains Tea Tree Extract as well as Sunflower Oil to rebalance and nourish on a cellular level- I believe this is also what helps boost hair growth. Personally I can not comment that aspect as I do take Biotin to speed up the renewal rate. Like most I am a little wary of applying anything directly to my scalp on the off chance it will leave my hair greasy or crispy for that matter. I can vouch that this is such a lightweight treatment that once the cooling effect has worn off you can not feel it in your hair or on your scalp at all. If like myself you tend to let your hair dry naturally this will not affect the overall result nor will it in case result in product build up.

If you are prone to placing chemicals of any type on your scalp every now and then or simply feel your poor head could do with a little treat I would highly recommend giving Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic a whirl. I am on to my second bottle now and do think it has really helped with the overall condition of my scalp. Hair growth? Debatable.

Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic £5.50/150ml via Boots - link.

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  1. I haven't had a lot of good experiences with generic brand products. But I am in many ways glad that so many of these companies are beginning to infuse natural extracts like tea tree into their products. This is an excellent direction they are heading towards.
    Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair Care

  2. This is such a helpful post, thank you! I bought this stuff recently but have been to scared to try it because I was worried about making my scalp worse and also wasn't sure if it would make my hair greasy or crispy like you said, but now I know I will try it straight away :)
    Lovely blog generally too by the way!
    Poppy x

  3. I've never heard of this but am I big fan of the Platinum strength shampoo and conditioner by Tresemme which works wonders! I'm a real white blonde and yep it's pretty itchy when the bleach goes on! The applicator also looks really easy to use!

  4. I'm defo going to give this a go... Ive been colouring my hair for years so would probably do my scalp some good

  5. I'm the same at the minute I'm thinking of going for an ombre to break myself into the brown very slowly. This looks great though for my rather dry scalp, I always get a dry scalp when the cold comes xx


  6. This sounds like such a good product xx

    Ioanna |

  7. I haven't heard of this before but it sounds amazing! I will have to keep a look out for it x

  8. I have fine hair so I feel a bit wary of adding anything directly to my scalp unless I'm washing it off...but I might have to give this a go! I have been lusting after the Phyto version of this from Look Fantastic but that's almost £30 so this seems a great alternative!!

    Beauty She Wrote..

  9. I have a terrible scalp and have done for years! I tend to use Kerestase Dermocalm shampoo and the Dermocalm droplets but i go through a bottle of the droplets in about 2 months and it's so expensive! This seems like a much affordable option so I will definitely give it ago :) Thank you! xo

  10. This sounds interesting, I think my scalp could definitely use some TLC!

    Bramble & Thorn

  11. Sounds good and its great the price is affordable. I usually use virgin avocado oil on my hair and scalp several times per week

  12. I've always had a bit of trouble with my scalp as even though it gets oily, I find that sometimes I get dry, sore patches! This product sounds like it could solve my problems :)

    Tweezers and Tongs

  13. Like you I have thought recently about ditching the blonde and going back to brown. This scalp treatment sounds great, definitely going to buy this when I see it x

  14. I didn't even know this existed. Now I'm on the look out and nothing!


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