Bella Freud Ginsberg is God Eau de Parfum

I've spoken countless times about my love for Bella Freud - she encapsulates this effortless, coolness that only certain women can. The Bella Freud brand is chic and timeless yet under-stately cool. Yes I am over using the word cool but I dare you to find a better adjective! The newest Bella Freud launch is of course the three new Eau de Parfum's which all share the same titles and similar notes to the candles which grace many a mantle. Worry not the Eau de Parfum's may share some of the notes that we know and love from the candle range but they are in no way identical. In the same vain if you enjoy any of the three signature Bella Freud candle scents you will be a fan of the Eau de Parfum line. In essence no surprises, which is just how I like my fragrances.

In true Bella Freud style the packaging of the new eau de parfum's are chic, simple and here it comes! Bleach wood caps, clear glass bottles and the font we associate with each scent takes centre stage. It isn't flashy, it isn't in your face but a lot can be said about simplicity - it lets the fragrance do the talking and ensures you won't purchase because you got sidetracked by a glitzy or cutesy bottle. Marc Jacobs Daisy Daydream I'm looking at you. As Bella Freud has stated fragrance should be a statement not a slogan.

My favourite scent from the Bella Freud range has to be Ginsberg is God. It is what I deem the most masculine offering from the trinity and features notes of leather, black pepper, spicy elemi essential oil, resin and moss. It is familiar, comforting and entirely different from anything I own. The official scent description and inspiration had me at hello! "Open fires and open windows, of mid-century autumnal seduction over tea and poetry, of afternoon delights where nature meets intellect, where fallen leaves meet fallen morals." Does it make you long for a crisp day, a candle, an open fire and all the time in the world to fall in love with some literature? As someone who looks forward to the Autumn each year this is one of the few scents I have ever stumbled across that encapsulates the season so perfectly. Unlike the Bella Freud Ginsberg is God candle there is no fig note, don't get me wrong they are similar but not identical - much like my eyebrows!

Bella Freud Ginsberg is God Eau de Parfum £65/50ml is exclusive to Harvey Nichols - link

This post contains a press sample.