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The SLush Fund and The New Lush Charity Pot

The SLush Fund and The New Lush Charity Pot

Many of us will have heard of the Lush Charity Pot and have most likely bought a pot or two in our time but did you know that since the beginning of this year the formula has changed? Don't worry it is still a richly moisturising treat for the body but the good it does not just you but others may surprise you...

The SLush Fund and The New Lush Charity Pot

The new Lush Charity Pot is in fact a self-preserving formula which means it contains only seven raw 
ingredients, no preservatives. The seven materials have been sourced from its Sustainable Lush Fund (SLush Fund) projects which was established in November 2010 with the idea of moving its ethical buying practices beyond simply buying fairly traded ingredients. Rather Lush aim to develop supportive partnerships with the communities that produce them. The new formula of the Lush Charity Pot includes ingredients such as Fair Trade olive oil from the women-led cooperative Sinyanna of Galilee in the northern region of Israel. Materials from seven of these projects for the new reformulated Charity Pot include: rosewood oil from Peru, ylang-ylang oil from Swedru, Ghana, and geranium oil from the Mountain Organic Farming, Nanyuki, Kenya for the fragrance. The fresh aloe leaves used within this body moisturiser are from the Laikipia Women’s Aloe Groups and Permaculture Centre, Kenya while the moringa oil comes from Techiman, Ghana. To ensure this product is fully nourishing two enriching butters are at its core: Fair Trade shea butter from the Women’s Ojoba Colective, Ghana and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter from the Peace Community in Columbia form part of the product base. 

The SLush Fund and The New Lush Charity Pot

Isn't that pretty amazing? How many products do you own in which you can Google and not only find out the ingredients but exactly where they came from and the groups that farm them? As I'm sat clutching my charity pot such concept blows my mind. Truly amazing. As for the contents - being a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera this is the perfect Summer body lotion, it cools and calms the skin yet hydrates intensely. It is quite a rich texture so less is more.

Now of course being a Charity Pot the money raised from each sale (minus VAT) goes straight back into carefully selected, small grass roots causes working for people, animals and the environment. Being Lush the cause actually runs a lot deeper than that with the brand donating a further 2% of the amount Lush spends on raw materials and packaging (think shower gel bottles, the little pots face masks come in etc) is donated to the fund too.

The new Lush Charity Pot £1-£12.95 can be found here - link or bought in store.
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  1. Ooh so it's paraben free now? I loved this stuff but was put off buying another tub because of the parabens so I'm really happy this is preservative free.


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