The Ask Bobbi Brown App

Have you downloaded the new Ask Bobbi Brown App? No? Why not?
If like myself you find yourself scouring the net for up to date techniques and tips and perhaps the odd splurge or two on the brand then this is the app you need and here is why...

"This App makes it possible for me to share my best tips instantly with my fans - no matter where they are. Makeup is actually quite simple when taught how to do it." Bobbi Brown

The new ASK Bobbi App offers how-to-guides and step-by-step advice direct from Bobbi Brown (yes the highly accredited make-up artist herself) but there is more to it than that it will help you to discover recommended products and/or receive expert advice based on your purchase history. So say you purchase a new Bobbi Brown eye liner the app will automatically send you advice on how to make the most of your new purchase and even step by step guides all of which you can do on the go thanks to the apps mirror functionality. Who said phones were just for i-chatting and instagraming (you may want to snap a photo of your finished look for a selfie but we won't judge).

The new ASK Bobbi Brown app can also help you to book an in-store make-up lesson and will find you the nearest store that is most convenient for you. Once you have booked your make-up lesson the ASK Bobbi app will sync the appointment in your phone's calendar so you don't forget. Genius huh? Oh but it is the gift that keeps on giving once you have had your in-store Makeup Lesson at the Bobbi Brown counter the ASK Bobbi saves your recommended products so you can shop them now (or later). Even if you don't need to visit the store you can create a wish list of Bobbi Brown products to shop come pay day all of which will be saved ready for you when you decide to splurge.

Being a beauty blogger my personal favourite aspect of the ASK Bobbi App is that you can receive up to the minute information about the brands latest launches and launch dates. Now I will never miss out on a limited edition palette.

If you have an iPhone you really need to head to the apple store and download the ASK Bobbi App asap!

This is a sponsored post.