How many blogs do you read?
If like myself, I'm guessing hundreds?
But how often do you actually recommend another blogger?
Again probably much like myself not all that often, well I think it is time we remedy this...

Once a week I would love fellow bloggers and readers to recommend me their current favourite blog be it on twitter or facebook (or even an email if you are feeling fancy) and I will offer my favourite find a blog advertisement/blog badge on my sidebar and a shout out on twitter and facebook.
Think of it as a blogger book group only there is no books to read just a new blog to devour.
Obviously as this is a beauty blog I'm looking for blogs that cover beauty in some aspect but they don't have to be solely beauty blogs.
Oh and be cool don't nominate yourself, let's pay it forward ladies and gents!

So go on tell me your current favourite blog read?
I don't know if we really need a hashtag but heck in for a penny in for a pound #RecommendaBlogger

P.S I will kick this off tomorrow so do feel free to recommend as many blogs as you wish.
The more the merrier!