TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes

As you will be able to see from my roots, I neglect my hair and if it isn't being neglected it is being abused with bleach and heat. Not cool, Adrienne...not cool. I always promise myself that I will try harder but that usually extends to a hair mask once a week (if I am lucky) and back to my old ways once Monday rolls around. Does that sound familiar? Well you may want to try out TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes is a line up of three product ranges each of which come in stages, one through to three - three being the most intense and for those with really damaged hair. In my opinion just about everyone will need to give their hair a little TLC - level one is ideal for light damage such as the odd use of heat or virgin hair, two for those who perhaps dye rather than bleach their hair or just have dried out locks and three for those who are a little like myself. 

Now I realise I have just spoke about the three strengths of the new line up but there is also the new TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Scalp Shampoo which is a suit all product.This is also being called the Reboot Scalp Shampoo (£11.50), which is a refreshing, soothing and balancing formula that removes build up on the scalp, be it product or oil/grime which I find to be a problem in the summer months. This shampoo is gentle but deeply cleansing and oddly doesn't make my hair any more knot prone after washing unlike some that remove product build up. If you have dried out hair but feel you need an intense shampoo once a week to keep your hair squeaky clean this is one I'd recommend. At £11.50 it is not cheap but if you only use it as a weekly treatment of sorts it will last quite some while. I never rate shampoo as let's face it we wash it off but this is one that is worth tracking down!

Hair masks, I'd love to say that all hair masks are equal but let's be honest that really isn't the case. Having dry hair I am quite reluctant to shell out on a hair mask as normally my hair soaks it up and requires at least half a tub to feel conditioned. Again all my fault as I don't treat my hair well. At just shy of £15 TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Hair Mask is a product I don't want to love but I do. It has been created to restructure internal protein bonds meaning it repairs internally and prevents hair from not only looking damaged but it feels soft to the touch too. This is a crazy thick hair mask which will weigh down hair that doesn't require this level of repair yet thirst hair like mine adores it and the kicker is that I only need to use an egg sized dollop for my full head. That may sound a lot but keep in mind my long, thick hair can easily "eat" a full bottle of conditioner in a week. After washing to de-tangle my hair I normally have to douse my locks in leave in conditioner and basically grin and bear it, well this mask allows me to skip the conditioning spray. Hallelujah. My hair is also less frizzy when left to dry naturally and generally just feels repaired. It is one of the few pricey hair  products I have used and knew it would be an instant repurchase. Again if only used when needed this will last you a good while, especially if your hair isn't waist length and crazy thick!

Look out for the new TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes ranges launching later this month.

Maybe this will be the year of soft, damage free hair for me?