Friday, July 18, 2014

The Alexa Chung Haul and More

Rimmel Haul

I was watching a Lisa Eldridge video on YouTube, well not any just any video but her Alexa Chung tutorial on Alexa herself. Confession time. I adore Alexa Chung, I find her to be very witty and love her laid, back effortlessly cool style. I carefully noted down all the products Lisa Eldridge used on Alexa and swore I'd purchase them. The only problem is I recalled said list in the middle of the supermarket - less than ideal. If you think your local Superdrug or Boots is bad when it comes to make-up stands don't set foot in a Supermarket beauty hall. Needless to say I didn't manage to pick up all the items from the tutorial, not even close but here is what I did buy...

Rimmel Haul

I have a soft spot for Rimmel products, more so their Kate Moss line (yeah I'm a sucker for certain celebrity endorsements what can I say), speaking of which I purchased the new and limited edition Rimmel Kate Moss Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Emerald. I have only quickly tested this out but really like the shade - it is a deep green, almost black. It seems to have a nice enough texture, soft, glides on and sets quickly hopefully it will wear just as well. You can find it here for £6.99 - link.

Rimmel Haul

One of if not my favourite lipstick ever is MAC Angel (yeah, it is Kim Kardashian's chosen shade, look how easily influenced I am!), I tend to gravitate towards any shade that is remotely similar hence why I have came home with Rimmel's Colour Rush Balm in Make Me Blush. A dusky nude come light pink that is not worlds apart from Angel only much glossier and a little deeper. Oddly it even smells like a MAC lipstick. The lasting power isn't all that great but for £5.99 I'm finding it hard to fault, you can find it here - link.

Rimmel Haul

I really only wandered over to the Rimmel stand for their Nude Delight Moisture Renew Lipstick and the Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint in Sunkissed Cherry, both of which were featured in said tutorial. All the lipsticks in such shade had been mauled, I kid you not one had teeth marks! Why? I mean why would you nibble a lipstick? As luck would have it I did manage to track down the blush which is a beautiful red based coral. It has a slightly silicone like texture which I am hoping will disguise my pores. I have only quickly tested this on my hand and have to say it is a stainer, I have washed my hands a good few times and it has not budged. I'm thinking we could be on to a winner, maybe my oily skin has met it's match? You can find it here for £4.49 - link.

Rimmel Haul

I try to not purchase face wipes ever, I feel if I don't own them I won't use them and can't be encouraged to be lazy. Having said that I do like to keep a pack in my handbag for travel and in-case my eyes water due to hayfever or or it is a particularly sticky day. Okay face wipes may not be the best thing since sliced bread but you have to admit they do come in handy. I really like Boots own brand Cucumber range and generally the smell of Cucumber so I walked away with Morrisons own brand Cucumber wipes. Ground breaking stuff huh? They were £1 and truth be told they are crap, really dry and they sting my face. That will teach me to be lazy!

Rimmel Haul

Speaking of being lazy when I paint my nails it does tend to be a few quick coats of Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop. Why? As it is a glitter polish it dries quickly, it seems to be a tougher formula and less prone to chipping, it is fairly muted and if it does chip it isn't all that noticeable. Like I said lazy! Revlon Girlie Nail Lacquer seemed to be a good dupe and a fraction of the price at £6.49. I have actually owned this in the past but it was a good few years ago. I'm secretly hoping it has been reformulated because if I remember right it wasn't all that great back then. If it wasn't on offer (half price) I wouldn't have been tempted to try again truth be told. You can find it here - link.

For those who are wondering what video I watched it was this one - link.
Yeah the rest of the products will be getting ordered tonight. Sorry not sorry.
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