Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oils

I was house sitting for a family member not all that long ago and really looked forward to a bath with a good splash of my favourite Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil (Deep Relax is my go to) only to find that I had depleted my stock not so long ago. What's a gal to do? Rummage through her stash and see what other luxury products she possess, it was then that I wondered how Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oils would fair in a bath. The answer is surprising well...

I squirted a little of Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oil in Relax into a warm bath and climbed in. I will level in saying that I required a little more body oil to scent the water than I would had I used an Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil but that was to be expected as this version isn't as concentrated. Unsurprisingly Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oil in Relax not only left my skin feeling softer than soft (I didn't bother using a body cream after this bath as my skin felt really supple) but also combined with the warm water allowed me to relax and unwind. I mean is there anything more soothing than a bath and candlelight. Gah I'm making myself feel jealous right about now.

Now of course being a massage and body oil this product really wasn't intended for scenting a bath rather it is a luxurious body oil that can be used to massage the skin or as a body moisturiser. Being an oil this is not a product to slick on the skin if in a hurry as it does take a little while to absorb into the skin nut if you preserver you will be rewarded with silky soft skin. For intense hydration you can apply this to the skin before a shower or bath, rinse off or combine with body brushing and then apply another layer once the skin is dry. I personally only use my Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oil stash as a body moisturiser when my skin is really dry or I am really struggling to sleep - this is where Deep Relax is your best friend. I kid you not just the thought of that scent is making me feel sleepy, it is blissful but not a scent to use in the morning that is for sure ha!

If you are on the look out for a good all round body oil with aromatherapy benefits that can be used in a whole manner of ways then I recommend adding a bottle to your bathroom shelf. Yes it is pricy but everyone deserves a treat now and then. You can find the entire range of Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Oils via Feel Unique with prices starting at £26/100ml - link.

This post contains a press sample and a product I purchased myself.