Friday, June 27, 2014

Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment Review

Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment

As a teenager I developed stretch marks - red, angry lines on my hips, thighs and breasts.
Don't laugh but at first I was a little dramatic and thought it was something a little more serious than a growth spurt - pretty amusing when I look back. Any way with many of my friends and acquaintances becoming pregnant I thought I'd share the one thing that really faded my stretch marks Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment. 

Even as a 16 year old I was dubious that Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment would work but it oddly does. It won't rid you off them for that I would imagine your only option is laser treatment but it does fade them really quickly. Like most Avon products the product itself features very little science on the label and online isn't much better "Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks whilst helping to reduce the possibility of new stretch marks from forming. With luminescent light reflectors to help even the look of skin tone."

The truth is I am not all that sure how Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment works but in my experience it quickly reduces the colour of stretch marks, is a light and silky lotion which is quickly absorbed into the skin and does moisturise to prevent the area becoming more prone to stretch marks. I can't promise that it will work for everyone but at £6 I don't feel anyone will be all that disappointed if it doesn't quite deliver the results they had hoped for. I have read conflicting reviews for some like myself they swear by it and others didn't notice any difference.

Avon Solutions Stretch Mark Line Reducing Treatment £6/150ml via Avon - link
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  1. I feel your pain! The exact same thing happened to me! Thankfully they've faded and turned a silvery colour but I hate the fact I have stretch marks but no children to show for it lol.


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