Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms

As mentioned in my Boots haul post I am currently on the look out for a stick shaped lip balm that will moisturise my lips without feeling sticky or waxy. I have tried just about every Maybelline Baby Lips going and didn't really rate them so when I saw the newly launched Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms in my local Boots store I thought "Why not?". At £1.99 each it would be no tragedy if it turned out they weren't for me...

The Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms come in three fragrances: Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple. I went with Orange and Green Apple as I find Strawberry scents to be a little hit and miss not to mention just about every lip balm out there comes in a Strawberry fragrance, it is nothing new. If you don't like sweet and I guess to some extent artificially fruity scents then I would miss the Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms as this is exactly what they are. I personally like super sweet fragrance especially when it comes to lip balms so this is right up my street. The Green Apple scent in my opinion is pretty similar to DKNY Be Delicious and the orange version just smells like sweet, sugary orange sweets. No surprises really.

Now keeping in mind the Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms do cost £1.99 each (or £1.49 is some places) I wasn't expecting miracles. The thing with the Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms is that they do moisturise the lips - no they are not intense enough for chapped lips or the Winter months but for a quick slick of hydration on the go they more than suffice. I will be honest in saying that you do have to be light handed, you can't apply several coats as it does become thick, waxy and uncomfortable to wear but other than that no complaints. I will admit that I do feel like a child pulling this out and applying it in public but hey it is the price you pay for kissable lips ha!

You can find the Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms via Boots for £1.99 - link.