Bed Time Secrets

As I have mentioned on several occasions I often find it difficult to switch off come bed time, I personally blame my attachment to my laptop and iPhone. Hey we live in a digital age fuelled by caffeine where it is all go, go, go so it is little wonder most of us toss and turn each evening. I can't guarantee my choice of lavender based products will instantly rock you to sleep but they will help to soothe and relax (if you can bear to switch off your laptop that is ha!).

I don't wash my hair in the evening as the idea of blow drying and straightening my locks at 11pm is less than appealing but I do like a lovely warm shower before bed. I find the warm water to be soothing, pair this with fresh pj's and bedding and you have instant bliss. Another trick up my sleeve is Aveda's Stress Fix Body Creme - this thick, rich and luxurious body butter not only hydrates the skin but the blend of natural oils (sage and lavender) that infuse the product help me to calm down and prepare for bed. I will hold my hands up and state that I am not the biggest lavender fan out there but this body butter doesn't have the typical flowery come powdery fragrance - rather it is fresh and herbal. Yes at £36 a tub it is rather pricey but a little goes a long way and if you only reserve it for those evenings you need the extra assistance to nod off one jar could easily last you a year or so?

I couldn't compose a bed time post and not mention Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist, I have used this since I was a really young teen (exam season always stressed me out) and swear by it. I have a constant supply of this sleepy lavender mist, I say lavender but again it is not your typical floral scent. It almost has a masculine yet comforting note. I can't quite narrow down the notes but one thing that is for sure is that a quick mist of this on my bed linen and I am out like a light. Truth be told it could be a placebo effect - in that I associate this scent with relaxing and nodding off? None the less it works for me and as it it never costs more than £5 I highly recommend that those who are really struggling to switch off come bed time give it a go. What have you got to loose?

The newest addition to my bedside table is Yankee's Sweet Dreams Swirl Candle which I really didn't expect to like. You see Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle features swirls of Yankee Lavender and Vanilla combined with Yankee Soft Blanket which are literally the only two fragrances from the brand that I loathe and yet it has been flickering away each evening. As with most of Yankee's swirl combinations Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle is limited edition but you could easily recreate the fragrance by burning the two stand alone scents (the cheapest and easiest way to do this would be with wax tarts) together. As mentioned I am not a fan of Yankee Lavender nor Yankee Soft Blanket - I loathe Lavender fragrances and find Soft Blanket is a very dry scent that tends to suck the air out of any room. Yet combine the two and I am sold. Why? The two fragrances combined create a sleepy, dream time scent that is perfect to burn while snuggled up in bed. Can you smell the lavender? Not really it is more akin to the likes of a pillow mist and oddly Johnstone's Baby Bedtime Bath. Soothing, calming and not at all overpowering. Team this with a good book for instant relaxation.

Sleep tight...

This post contains both press samples and products I have bought with my own money.