Beauty Blender

Up until I tried the original Beauty Blender I really didn't understand the fuss about make-up sponges, in the past I tried offerings from Sephora and of course The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. None of which blew me away, I just assumed that all egg shaped make-up sponges were the same and completely wrote off the Beauty Blender. Oh how wrong was I...

Basically the Beauty Blender is a soft, foam egg shaped sponge which can be used to apply foundation of any type as well as contouring and highlighting. In my experience this type of sponge works best with liquid products but that is simply preference. To use you run the sponge under water until it expands (it should double in size), squeeze out any excess water and then sandwich the sponge in-between a towel and again squeeze to soak up any remaining water. You are aiming for a damp sponge that is not dripping wet. An odd concept yes but it somehow works. To wash, you can use brush cleanser, shampoo or of course the supplied solid cake of soap. I must warn you that as will all facial sponges the Beauty Blender does stain and once used a few times it will never look brand new.

How you use your Beauty Blender is of course entirely up to you but I find it best for stippling on foundation and other cream products although some have claimed that the sponge is great when used dry for powder products. In my experience it gave a rather heavy and uneven finish when used with a powder but it is worth a try none the less. For a lighter than air finish with liquid foundations that does have a certain airbrushed quality I suggest bouncing/dabbing the sponge over the face and building up coverage as you go - it works beautifully with illuminating foundations such as NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and L'Oreal Lumi Magic Foundation (two of my favourite foundations), nothing seems to encourage the radiance effect quite like this style of application and for that reason alone I do recommend them. A lot of make-up artists swear by the Beauty Blender for highlighting and contouring and I have to agree - the damp sponge, effortlessly blends out cream products and takes away the often heavy effect layering on several products can result in. The pointed edge of the beauty blender is perfect for applying under eye concealer and does so gently which is important on such a delicate area of the face. Really the possibilities are endless and each time I use it (which has only been since Saturday) I discover a new use.

I truly have no idea why the beauty blender works better than any other facial sponge out there, it does feel softer and make from a different and lighter sponge material than the imitations. All I know is that I am complete convert and would suggest you believe the hype with this one. Yes it is pricey but if you have ever wanted to try a complexion type sponge this is the one I recommend above all else. Hey if it is good enough for Shakira, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani count me in.

You can find the Beauty Blender via Selfridges for £13 here, mine was actually in my June Birchbox which you can order here and save a little money (sorry for the mini spoiler but I would hate for anyone to miss out on such a great box/offer.I must state that I am not sure if every June box will indeed receive a Beauty Blender).

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