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Liz Earle Travel/Try Me Sizes

Liz Earle TravelTry Me Sizes

With summer on the horizon you may be jetting off somewhere warm or perhaps have a festival to go to (I still haven't made up my mind if I an brave enough to do T in the Park. Man up eh?) and don't want to lug around full sized bottles of skin care and what not? Now the likes of Boots and Superdrug have you sorted when it comes to a selection of minis such as toothpaste, deodorant and hair care but what about your skin?
Head over to Liz Earle I say...

The great thing about the Liz Earle Travel/Try Me Sizes is that just about every skin care item the brand carries has been downsized so not only can you snap up your favourites but branch out and try something new every once and while? I say that and yet I am a stifler for routine and have the same miniature products in my travel bag as I do full sized in my bathroom cabinet. Oh well! I should also really mention that each product within such range has been sized and packaged so that they comply with flight regulations i.e. you can pack them in your carry on luggage. 

Liz Earle TravelTry Me Sizes

So my picks? Well of course I have to mention the ever famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - this creamy cleanser not only removes all make-up and grime in one quick step but feels like an at home spa experience. It is quick, easy and exfoliates too - okay it might not be exactly ideal for a festival or to use on board a flight but be sure to dig it out when you reach your hotel. I personally love applying it before crawling into a deep bubble bath. Bliss.

Liz Earle TravelTry Me Sizes
Liz Earle TravelTry Me Sizes

For flights and festivals you might want to pick up Liz Earle's Soothing Eye Lotion, I will level and say I don't use this all year round but rather rely on it come the summer months when my eyes stream and sting like crazy due to Hayfever. I find applying this light but soothing liquid to a cotton pad and leaving on my eyes for a few minutes really helps take the sting out of irritated eyes as well as reducing redness and generally calming the eye area. It also works wonders on tired and puffy eyes. A summer staple for sure! Speaking off cooling and calming the skin you want to invest in a mist on toner - that way you can use it to tone the skin (of course), ensuring all traces of make-up etc have been gone but also have a kind to the skin cooling down mist should you need it? I like Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritizer as it contains aloe vera which is great when you've had a little too much sun to soothe and calm the skin with one quick mist. It is also one of the few tones I can spray on top of make-up should I need to and not worry about said make-up dripping off my face. I have a way with words don't I? Ha.

Liz Earle TravelTry Me Sizes

I think we all try and I say try to travel light regardless of where we are going? If you can try and source a multi-purpose balm to save a little space in your make-up bag. Liz Earle Superbalm is a nourishing and hydrating balm that can be used anywhere on the skin - to dry patches on your face and body, your lips, as an eye cream and even on blisters etc to prevent your shoes from rubbing further. The great thing about this balm is that it is so dinky, you can pop it in a pocket and forget about it until you need it. 

You can find all the above Liz Earle travel minis here.
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