You Beauty Discovery CEW(UK) Box

You Beauty Discovery have teamed up with CEW(UK) to bring forth a collection of beauty items that are both best selling and highly acclaimed. A try before you buy opportunity as you will and as every You Beauty Discovery CEW(UK) Box is the same there is no surprises just over £90 worth of goodies to try out and enjoy.

You Beauty Discovery CEW(UK) Box

Here is what is inside the box:

- Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (15ml) - I have a few jars of this in my skin care stash and mainly use it in the summer or when my skin is going through a dry phase. It is extremely moisturising without being greasy or heavy and continuous use can help plump even the stubbornest of wrinkles. 

- Manuka Doctor Mini Hero Kit - A nifty travel sized trio which includes a face mask, a serum and a target wrinkle filler. I have tried the rejuvenating mask within the kit and have to say that it did leave my glowing and looking more radiant than before. The serum claims that if used for three weeks it can clear up acne blemished skin, I personally didn't enjoy the texture and found it to sit on my skin rather than absorb.

- Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (15g) - Here is where I admit to being a freak. I merrily slapped this mask on as I have read nothing but glowing reviews of the entire Glamglow range and then began to panic when it tingled. I had a bad experience with a "tingle" product in the past which resulted in me having to seek medical advice (dramatic I know) so now I avoid anything that self heats or tingles on my face. Yep a long winded way of saying I have no idea if it works because I didn't leave it on my face long enough. I'm going to do some research and see if there is a non-tingle version?

- Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Serum (full size) - I don't typically use a serum on my hair but I will say that this is quite the find. Not only does Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Serum smooth the hair cuticle but it also nourishes and adds a healthy sheen to the hair. I also like that it can help detangle the hair which is something I often struggle with. I don't like anything heavy or greasy so this gets the thumbs up from me - it also doesn't hurt that it smells great.

- L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate (50ml) - Love, love, love this body moisturiser and the entire L'Occitane range. First of all the scent is my idea of heaven - sugary, sweet and a little like marzipan but the texture of this body cream is divine. It instantly hydrates even the driest of skins without taking forever and a day to absorb. I have a feeling you will either love or hate this.

- Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (40ml) - By now most will know that the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is pretty much a must have for anyone with damaged hair. I personally tend to use it whenever I bleach my hair as along with given parched locks a much needed moisture boost I feel it helps to repair frazzled hair. Yes it is a pricey hair treatment but one I feel is worth every penny.

- Caudalie Divine Legs (sachet) - If you are a fan of Caudalie's Divine Oil then do I have a treat for you. This nourishing but lightweight oil not only adds moisture to the skin but combines a glow and light tan element in one quick step. Unlike other self tanners this will not stain the skin nor does it need time to develop, I can't think of anything more perfect for your legs this coming summer.

You can find the You Beauty Discovery CEW(UK) Box here for £16.95 (p&p not included) - link

- This post contains a press sample.