Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT

Jimmy Choo Flash London Club is one of my favourite fragrances ever which pains me ever so as it is limited edition so I do use it sparingly. I also happen to be a huge fan of the original Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette so I really did expect to instantly fall in love with Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT which really wasn't the case at all...

Now don't get me wrong Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT lives up to it's name and oddly smells how I imagined - warm, fruity and slightly spicy. It reminds me of Avon's Christian Lacroix Rouge Eau De Parfum which at £15 is less than half price of the Jimmy Choo version (even the bottles are some what similar). Ouch.

Before you think I am being unfair Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT does have some redeeming features:  the bottle is of course beautiful - a bright, poppy red version of the original scent and if you like the idea of a spice based fragrance but don't want anything too heavy or dare I say it festive in a Christmas sense this is the one. Jimmy Choo Exotic is a good blend of spice, warm fruits complete with a floral kick, notes include Blackcurrant sorbet, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Flower, Tiger Orchid, Patchouli and gourmand Raspberry. In my opinion the two most notable notes are the Pink Grapefruit and Passion Flower, I'm not overly sure what the spice note is but it is fairly subtle - in my opinion it adds warmth to the scent. 

Although I'm not a fan of Jimmy Choo Exotic I do think fragrance is entirely subjective and on the right person I can imagine this to be a great summer addition, particularly when worn in the evening. It is also really long wearing which I find is becoming a rarity among new fragrance launches at the moment. As far as I can gather this too is limited edition.

Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT currently £39.50 (reduced by £4.50) via Boots - link.

- This post contains a press sample.