Prada Candy Florale EDT

I can recall how excited I was when the initial Prada Candy fragrance dropped - I bought a bottle online blindly and forever regretted it. I all but forced myself to like it and in the end gave up - for my taste it was too synthetic and musky, if you want a great vanilla but sweet scent I recommend Bon Bon by Viktor and Rolf. Anyway when a bottle of the new Prada Candy Florale scent arrived I was all but certain it wouldn't be for me, boy was wrong...

If you are expecting Prada Candy Florale to be similar to the original Candy offering then you may be disappointed. Sure the bottle is somewhat similar but with a pastel colour scheme but the scent is entirely different. Gone is the sickly, sweet vanilla note that domineered the original version and in is light, floral accents that will have you day dreaming of frolicking in a meadow....well maybe.

"Prada Candy Florale evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Of course, Candy cannot simply have any flower, her flower has to be wonderous and sophisticated, unlike any other.Prada’s quest for this perfect flower takes us on a voyage around the universe, where a myriad of floral notes come together to create a scent as full of vitality as Candy herself."

Bizarre? Yeah a little but the notes are divine - Peony, Limoncello (essentially lemons, sugar syrup and vokda), Benzoin and Caramel. Given that Peony is the top note this is of course what you detect the most, in fact I can not dectect the Limoncello (my guess is this was added to bring a non-bitter lemon note) nor the caramel. Must like the original Prada Candy this does have a musk base note but oddly it is not overpowering or powdery like it's predecessor. Prada Candy Florale does what many floral scents can not and that is remain fresh, uplifting, young and clean in scent. It is one of the few true floral scents in my collection (that I have kept and wear) and I'm notoriously fussy. 

Prada Candy Florale from £38.50-£68 via Debenhams - link