Rituals Ayuverda Personal Prescription

Rituals is one of the few body care brands that I allow myself to splurge on whenever I visit a store because it doesn't matter what I buy I know it will be good and quickly become a firm favourite. How many brands can you say deliver that kind of service? I was lucky enough to be sent a collection of hand picked products for my needs from Rituals most of which are from the Ayuverda range and couldn't be more perfect for a long, pampering bank holiday weekend.

I wish I was a laid back person that goes with the flow and lets nothing menial bother them but I'm not. I'm forever on the go, always thinking of what to do next and such a worrier. I don't really do relaxed but I am trying (I promise) and have been somewhat aided with a few products from the Rituals Ayuverda range all of which contain two key ingredients Indian Rose and Honey. They have been selected as both are renowned for softening the skin as well as being soothing to both the body and mind. Just what the Rituals doctor ordered huh?

Rituals Ayuverda Personal Prescription

Annoyingly until I move homes I don't have a bath (just a shower), so until that day I will be stashing away my Rituals Cream Bath which smells utterly beautiful and will be a treat this coming Winter. I have however took full advantage of the Rituals Ayuverda Scrub and Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream which are perfect partners in creating the softest, touchable skin you could imagine. Personally I like really gritty scrubs that will slough off all traces of dead skin, leave the skin feeling fresh with a healthy glow - if it smells fantastic well that my friends is a bonus. Guess what? All of such demands Rituals Ayuverda Scrub satisfies and more! The Rituals Ayuverda Scrub easily takes care of my neglected, dry winter skin with ease but isn't abrasive in the slightest meaning it should be more than fine for most skin types and between you and me it is rather helpful at removing old, self tanner ha! After a good ol' scrub in the shower my skin is crying out for a little TLC in the form of a body moisturiser and if you like light, whipped formulations then Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream is the one for you. I often skip moisturising my body as I loathe waiting on the product to sink into my skin and the sensation of anything heavy on my skin. Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream is lighter than light so it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind, it absorbs instantly and leaves my once Winter beaten skin feeling soft and supple not to mention beautifully scented. I want to quickly mention that I'm not a fan of either honey or rose fragrances and I adore the Rituals Ayuverda fragrance. It is floral but not overly so nor does it smack of sweet, sickly honey or musky roses. It is one of those scents you have to experience for yourself (you may have with the Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Foam which shares this fragrance).

Lastly we have Rituals Chakra Water which is a room and linen spray that is slightly more rose scented than the above Rituals Ayuverda products but not powdery or dated like some rose products I have purchased in the past. Typically come bed time I like to mist my bed linen with something containing chamomile and lavender to help me sleep but if I am blogging in my room the last think I want to do is fall asleep mid-post. Enter Rituals Chakra Water, the perfect way to scent any room quickly without plugging in a diffuser or lighting a candle. I like to mist it in the lounge and dinning room after meal times to freshen up the room.

Rituals Ayuverda Personal Prescription

While we are speaking about home fragrances I simply have to gush about the Rituals Spring Garden fragrance - I have the Rituals Spring Garden Fragrance Sticks but the candle is on my radar next. This scent is unlike anything else I own, so fresh and green with notes of Vetiver and Sage. In my mind it smells like a Spring meadow or something as picturesque as that. I live in a concrete jungle what do you want from me? Anyway back to the Rituals Spring Garden scent - it is very more-is, I find myself walking past the fragrance sticks just to get an intense nose full (I have a way with words eh?) and love nothing more than being greeted by the scent when I open my front door. Basically it is Spring in perfume form and every home should have it in some shape or other. 

I have linked all the products individually above but you can purchase Rituals products direct from the brand here - link or from House of Fraser - link, Debenhams - link and Feel Unique - link.

- This post contains press samples.