New Liz Earle Bath and Body Collections

Undoubtedly we all spend more on skin care than we do on bath and body products which I think in the long run is the sensible thing to do. What if I told you a firm skin care brand of many has just launched three divine bath and body scents? Colour me intrigued, yes? Well Liz Earle have only just launched three new sensory duo's for the body - luxury shower nectars and silky body lotions in three scents to tap into the senses: Tiare and Jasmine (Delight Me), Bergamont and Ginger (Rejuvenate Me) and Vanilla and Saffron (Captivate Me). I've been lucky enough to test out the Captivate Me duo...

Indulgent? Entirely. Before I talk about the formula's I want to briefly mention all three fragrances which are divine and I mean divine. I honestly would champion Liz Earle to bring all three scents out as stand alone body mists or eau de toilettes that is how beautiful the fragrances that make this collection up are. I have tested all three scents and my personal favourite is the warm, comforting blend that is Vanilla and Saffron. It is familiar, creamy yet not bland, it has a spice note yet is not overpowering or even spicey it simply adds a warmth to the vanilla. In my opinion it smells like a winter's evening snuggled up by the fire. Although the brand doesn't offer a bath foam within this range a cap full of the shower gel added to a warm bath would be the perfect evening treat. The other two fragrances are just as pleasant on the nose, Delight Me is a stunning floral concoction which again I see myself using more of in the evening than during the day and Rejuvenate Me is an almost fruity blend with a spicy kick which would be perfect for a morning wake up call.

Now for the formula's which you will be pleased to know are on par with the delectable fragrances. The Liz Earle Shower Nectar is a rich, moisturising body was which feels silky on the skin and cleanses thoroughly without drying out the skin. I find that this is one of the few shower gels that I own in which the fragrance lingers on the skin. Next up we have Liz Earle's Silky Body Lotion which is a light weight but nourishing body lotion. I find it absorbs well into skin (even damp skin) doesn't feel greasy, dries quickly (a must when you live in Scotland) and again leaves behind a beautiful scent. If you use the duo together you may not feel the need for a separate perfume or whatever! Now how many bath and body duo's can you say that about?

You can find the entire range of the new Liz Earle Bath and Body Collections from £12.50 each - link.

- This post contains press samples.