Weekly Favourites #32

I hope you all had a lovely week? I can't believe that a week ago it was Easter Sunday, I still haven't touched my Chocolate Easter eggs which is totally unlike me. Anyway here are my favourite products from the past week...

First up we have Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel which is quickly becoming my go to primer, it illuminates the skin but in a subtle way. Think a lit within glow that looks both healthy and radiant and you have the general idea without being heavy on the skin and best of all it keeps my make-up in place. Yes it sets my heart a flutter but I really need to find a pump to fit the bottle spout as I tend to waste more product than I use and at £31 that is not ideal. You can find Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel via Debenhams -link.

Yes, yes I have featured By Terry's Cellularose Blush Glaze in Flower Sorbet not so long ago, okay last week but I honestly swear by it. The bright coral shade makes my skin seem more alive and radiant with a beautiful glow that I have tried so hard to achieve with other products to no avail. By Terry's Flower Sorbet is easy to apply - dab on with your fingers and hey presto and really does wear well on my oily skin. Gah what is not to love? Oh yeah the price - £38...ouch! Find it via Space.NK - link.

In my home I am the resident nail painter regardless of if I want the job or not. Family eh? When presented with several family members digits to lacquer and a lack of patience may I recommend Bourjois Instant Dry Drops - a quick blob on the nails and bobs your uncle you have lovely dry nails. I like to use it on my toes because nobody wants their nail polish stuck to their socks...real life problems right there! You can find Bourjois Instant Dry Drops for £5.99 via Superdrug - link.

Summer is looming and with that in mind I'm back in the gym (groan), healthy eating (double groan) and generally trying to become beach ready (all the groans). At the moment I am slathering Bio Oil all over my limbs in the hope that combined with dry brushing it will help create taught, toned and sun ready thighs. A girl can only dream. You can find Bio Oil via Boots - link.

Jo Malone have just launched a new fragrance Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne which is both floral and fresh and really couldn't be more perfect for the Spring. It reminds me of days past spent having picnics in the park and running amok in fields full of flowers as a youngster. To smell it is to fall in love and who can resist a bottle with such a jazzy tassel? Not me that is for sure! You can find it via John Lewis - link.

What have you been enjoying recently?