Three. Yes my blog is really three years old now which may seem like a teeny tiny milestone in the grand scheme of things but for me that is a huge achievement. You see I am one of those people that flit in-between projects and never fully commit to anything, never mind a hobby which this blog began as and yet here I am three years later. I guess if you do something you truly love, time flies by. Speaking of third birthday's Zalando UK are also celebrating theirs and have given all bloggers the chance to win gift vouchers up to the value of £300. All you have to do is write about the evolution of your style. So here goes...

I am taking a slightly different spin on things and writing about how my style, life and everything in-between has evolved all thanks to beauty blogging. For the life of me I can not recall the precise date I sat down and began this blog which was initially called thecrazybitchbeauty gazette. Yes really. I do know it all began one evening while indulging in pizza and new episodes of Two and a Half Men (do you remember when that show was funny? Yeah me neither). In-between mouthfuls of pizza and deliriously gushing about my new MAC purchases my sister spurred me on to begin a beauty blog and so it began. The name of the blog a nod to a line Charlie Sheen uttered in one of the episodes and as they say the rest is history.

Back in 2011 I was unemployed, freshly into my twenties and as a result my taste and blog posts differ vastly from today. Back then it was all about budget skin care, the newest nail polish (Barry M was my Achilles heel) and of course upcoming MAC collections (I guess some things never change). I had no dealings what so ever with PR's, brands or even a twitter account - I was oblivious to that world, perhaps because back then it was much smaller? I can recall being elated about gaining 10 followers never mind thousands and whenever I feel a little lost or jaded I remind myself how far I have came...even if it was by accident.

My first ever email from a PR was bizarre, I didn't understand the process (now it is a daily occurrence and I have met so many wonderful PR's that the world no longer seems as daunting) at all but did heed the advice that perhaps thecrazybitchbeautygazette wasn't the best name for a beauty blog or anything at all for that matter and re-named/branded the site as Adrienne Adores. The truth is it was a rushed decision and it swiftly became a name I regretted and grew to loathe and out of it The Sunday Girl was born. Why The Sunday Girl? To this day I have no real reason or answer but it felt right and has stuck ever since. The new name pushed me to blog more frequently, invest in a good camera and generally just become a better blogger. Since the name change The Sunday Girl has been published in several magazines, nominated for awards and exprienced all the things blogging dreams are made of. No regrets. If you are reading this and umming and ahhing over a name change or revamp my advice is to do it. As I said no regrets.

So yes three years on what has changed? Not much truth be told, okay lots of blogging face lifts have occurred, I have learned how to use my camera and I still enjoy a good old route around Superdrug and the likes. My MAC obsession is still firmly out of control, I still tend to focus on beauty reviews and will forever be giddy about new product launches. Maybe I am a creature of habit but I wouldn't have it any other way. However when I began I had no friends that blogged or understood this "world" but along the way I have met many wonderful people that I am truly able and honoured to call my friends. I'm slightly more picky with what I slap on my face, know more about ingredients (I wish I knew more) and have a stronger work drive. Thanks to beauty blogging I have had some pinch me experiences, met talented individuals who have educated me both in skin care and make up something I wouldn't have got if I went into the legal world. Perhaps most importantly want began as a joke has became my life as far as work is concerned which is basically a dream come true scenario.

I have seen blogs explode, Youtubers who began as nervous young ladies chatting about lipsticks become almost celebrities and others launch make-up lines, brushes and more. Basically the blogging world is only beginning and here is to another three wonderful years, I can not wait to see what is in store for us all!

If you need the little kick up the derierre to join the blogging world let this post be it - a sign if you will.
Come join us, the water is lovely.

If you want to take part in the Zalando 3rd Birthday Competition you can do so here - link.