New Permanent MAC Lipstick Shades for 2014

Now don't take this as a certainty but normally and I do say normally a MAC collection will get launched in the US and around a month later it hits the UK. I do so hope that is the case with the newly added and now permanent in the US fan favourite lipsticks from collections past which includes MAC Flamingo and of course Pink Pigeon. 

Shades we can hopefully look forward to include:

Flamingo - Light milky coral
Giddy - Light headed pink with golden shimmer (yeah the official description is bizarre)
Lip Blossom - Shimmering pink
Pink Pigeon - Brightest cleanest pink
Razzledazzler - Dewy plum with golden shimmer
Shy Shine - Shimmering mauve
Sushi Kiss - Mid tonal coral cream
Tangerine Dream - Warm orange cream

Like I said this is not a certainty for us in the UK/I.R.E but I sure hope so as there is a few shades in amongst the above list that I adore and wouldn't mind a back up of.