Spring Inspired Lana Del Rey Nails with Red Carpet Manicure

It is no secret that I adore Lana Del Rey, she is a combination of old school glamour and modern day coolness that is so effortless on her part yet unachievable for mere mortals like myself. In my opinion Lana Del Rey is responsible for the heart shaped manicures we see everywhere including on myself.

I can not take credit for my nails all I did was bring along my bottle of  Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Polish in the shade 119 Shimmery Silhouette and told my local nail artist what my heart desired. Ms Del Rey does tend to go for deep vampy shades which suits her to the ground but I prefer brighter hues and wanted a spin on a classic French manicure. As a result I have a combination of both white and bright turquoise heart tips which I am totally smitten by. I watched the artist rather carefully and it seems the best way to create heart shapes is by painting on two curved diagonal lines and then filling the space they create.

I currently have gel nail extensions which where painted using Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Polishes which will be coming off in a matter of days. Underneath my natural nails have grown reasonably long so I do plan on doing a full Red Carpet Manicure process post which will include a tutorial so stay tuned for that. If you have any celebrity manicures that you would like me to re-create then do let me know in the comments below.

 Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Polish can be found via Red Carpet Manicure - link

- This post includes a press sample.