Ole Henriksen The Truth is in the Eyes Peel

I bought the Ole Henriksen The Truth is in the Eyes Peel under the impression that it was a gentle scrub to exfoliate the under eye area. Rather it has been created to target the outer orbital of the eye area aka where crows feet and general signs of ageing of such part of the face appear first. However the formula is gentle enough to be used around the entire eye area and could be a great product for those who suffer from milia.

"This revolutionary peeling system for the eye region is changing the way we think about eye care forever. Because the tissue around the eye is so fragile, it is often recommended NOT to exfoliate that area - until now! For the first time ever, Ole Henriksen has developed a very gentle exfoliating product for the eyes."

The Ole Henriksen The Truth is in the Eyes Peel is not at all what I expected, I anticipated a grainy exfoliator but this product relies on AHA technology to gently renew a delicate area. The consistency is a light, very liquid based gel that you apply to the area of concern using gentle patting motions with your ring finger. On the skin it feels cooling, soothing and the skin is instantly tightened. A word of warning - a little goes a long way and the scent is not the most pleasant, think vinegar and you won't go far wrong. 

Basically this product has been designed for regularly use (most use it nightly) to brighten the eye area by riding it of dead skin cells and others have reported that it works miracles on fine lines. Ole Henriksen The Truth is in the Eyes Peel contains vitamin C to brighten, micro algae to firm and boost collagen production, rice bran protein to strengthen skin and help dispel dark circles, and saccharide which is an emollient to nourish, comfort, and moisturise the skin. Does it work? Yes and no, I was a little disapointed when after a good few months of use I didn't notice any difference in terms of brightness around my under eye area which is my biggest concern. After a little research it has been found that this product doesn't contain a low enough pH level to allow the AHA technology to actually be an effective exfoliant which is why I noticed no difference in that aspect. What I can say is that it gently moisturises and cools my eye area reducing puffiness as well as instantly tightening the skin so it's not all bad but it is not the miracle work some have made it out to be and at £40 a tube it is not something I am in a hurry to repurchase. Sorry!

Ole Henriksen The Truth is in the Eyes Peel £39/15ml via Selfridges - link