Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soap and Glory Glow Job

Soap and Glory Glow Job

Such a naughty title for a product but then again Soap and Glory are king of tongue in cheek puns and as it is all for fun who really cares? If like myself you tend to approach facial tanning products with caution but would still like to add a little warmth to your face Soap and Glory Glow Job could be the perfect product for you. A light, sun kissed glow that hydrates the skin with zero commitment - my kinda product!

Soap and Glory Glow Job

Soap and Glory Glow Job for all intents and purposes is a tinted moisturiser but in my opinion it is more of a facial tanning product than one that will offer any sort of coverage, be it to mask blemishes or scarring. If the thought of putting a self tanner that takes time to develop on your face isn't for you this is a good temporary solution as it washes off and of course has been formulated for the face. To use you apply a pea sized blob to the face and blend out. Oddly this product isn't tinted from the get go, it contains bronzing beads that burst and provide the bronze tint. On first inspection I did find the Soap and Glory Glow Job tint to be a little orange but once blended out it does provide a fairly natural tint that should be suitable for most light to medium complexions especially if you have self tanned the rest of your body. 

Soap and Glory Glow Job
Soap and Glory Glow Job

The texture of Soap and Glory Glow Job is quite bizarre, due to the tanning beads it is somewhat gritty but once burst it does lightly hydrate the skin. If you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this as your only moisturiser for day wear as it won't be enough, I also worry that the tint could cling to dry areas of the skin and look patchy. I guess as this is a wash off tint should that happen it is not the end of the world but still worth noting. For me Soap and Glory Glow Job is a great choice for those who don't like or want to wear foundation but would like to add an overall hint of warmth to the skin. I should also mention that Soap and Glory Glow Job is not matte it does have a slight iridescence not be to everyone's taste. For me it is perfect for the summer, layered over an SPF teamed with a tinted lip balm and big sun glasses for the beach.

Soap and Glory Glow Job £11/50ml via Boots - link

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