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MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear Review

MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear

One thing you should know about me is that I am pretty low maintenance, if I can get away with pulling my hair up and only a dash of mascara I am happy. However there are days when I need a full face of make-up and everything to say in place and not smudged across my face thanks to excess oil...lovely I know. One area I struggle with is my eyebrows - you see they are placed in the most oiliest section of my face and as a result they are the first to let me down or should that be the first to drip down my face? Like I said lovely. However thanks to MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear that has became a worry of the past.

MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear

The packaging is what you would expect from MAC - sleek and practical and if you didn't know any better you would swear it was a light brown mascara for the lashes not the brows. However once you remove the brush you will notice that the spoolie is shorter and chubbier than your standard mascara offering - if you have medium to full brows this is a dream to apply as it quickly sets, shapes and sets the brows in one swift movement, if you have thin brows this can be a little messy and trickier to use. I have fairly full brows and find the easiest way to use the spoolie is to concentrate on working the tip through the brow hairs that way you have more precision and control - it is also the easiest way to shape the brows in my experience.

MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear

I know many will say MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear is just a clear mascara and the likes of Boots will do one cheaper and most likely of the same quality. To that I have to say no, yes Superdrug et al do offer more budget friendly clear mascara options but the truth is some (not all I gave up after purchasing two) leave my eyebrows feeling sticky and took forever to dry which is less than ideal. Yes I bought MAC Brow Set in Clear on a whim but I would be quick to repurchase it again as nothing sets my eyebrows quite like it. You also have the added benefit of the fact that along with taming the brows this mascara once set won't wear off or succumb to oily skin - a problem I have encountered with powders when worn alone. The only downside is that much like any other brow mascara once dry this does leave the brows feeling a little crispy and stiff which may not be to everyone's taste but I personally like the reassurance that it will with stand all the day may throw at it. 

MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear £13 via MAC - link.

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