L'Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray

You know me, I'm pretty lazy particularly when it comes to my hair. 
If it can't be done in 10 minutes chances are I'm not interested but recently I have found a product that helps create waves as well as defining existing ones with next to no effort. Yes please!

L'Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray is that very product and the spray I route around for when I have decided that washing my hair at 10pm is a wise move. You see you simply spray this fine mist into wet hair, blast with the hair dryer and then pop your hair into a top knot and again blast with the hair dryer. I typically like to sleep with my hair in a top knot anyway so I don't take my out until the morning and tah-dah lovely loose waves that don't require any styling and allow me to look somewhat groomed even if I did hit snooze one or two (okay five) times. Depending on your hair type or even style preference you can touch up sections using hair tongs but I don't find I have to but then again I prefer a loose wave pattern.

I've tried a good number of wave creating sprays and my problems with the majority is that they either dry my hair out (sea salt sprays) or leave it feeling sticky and crispy or worse it looks more frizzy than wavy. Delightful. The L'Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray in my eyes is more of a setting spray, using it without heat and simply scrunching the hair will achieve nothing yet combined with a top knot and the hair dryer you can easily create fuss free waves that last all day and are touchably soft. I should also mention that the L'Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray contains a heat protective shield ingredient and won't leave your hair matted with tangles or damaged.

If you treat yourself to one hair product this month, let it be this and get it while it is only a mere £1.87 (half price). L'Oreal Studio Line Wave Creating Spray currently £1.87 via Superdrug - link.

- This post contains a press sample.