Sephora Hits the UK

And I'm not sure how I feel about it.

On one hand I am happy that brands that we didn't have access to are now available but after a good scour of Sephora I have come to realise that such brands are actually few and far between. Okay the UK doesn't have Marc Jacobs make-up line, Josie Maran products, Sephora's own brand and maybe two or three others (off the top of my head Bite Beauty, Kat Von D and Lorac) but generally speaking I don't feel we are missing out on much especially since Tarte products will be available on QVC later this month.

I was so close to making a hasty order once the news broke that Sephora now ships to the UK but as it was mainly Make Up Forever products I held off as once you factor in tax and shipping the items didn't work out any cheaper than purchasing from Guru Make Up Emporium (a UK Make Up Forever stockist). I am not going to pretend for one moment that a few Marc Jacobs beauty items haven't caught my eye but as I can't physically see them in person to decide what shades are for me I held off. I have too many wishy washy unworn nude lipsticks to be frivolous. That and although Sephora does state that once you have paid the shipping (£10 for any order over £75) and taxes you will not incur any import taxes which I'm not entirely sure Sephora have all that much authority over. I'd hate to spend £100+ only to be slapped with an import tax fee of £35 which has happened with other brands in the past (the Balm).

It's also worth mentioning that certain brands and items as pointed out by Jane from the British Beauty Blogger won't be eligible for UK purchase. Of course nail polish, aerosols and perfume slot into this category as well as anything that comes in glass packaging but what I at first deemed seemingly odd was brands such as NARS and Hourglass can not be added to the cart. Why? Basically the US more often than not receives the products before the UK - sometimes months in advance and this won't royally screw up the UK's PR strategy for such brands. 

It has been pointed out that this could well be Sephora's way of testing the UK waters before coming back to the UK? They are maybe gauging just how well online sales are doing within the UK to see how plausible it is to have a UK prescience? Who knows but it is food for thought and I certainly think there is a place for Sephora on the highstreet. I realise this may sound bizarre but in a way if it does happen (and again one of the factors why I have yet to order) I feel it may take the excitement/magic of going into a Sephora store abroad away? No that probably is just me being odd ha!

Anyway if I was to place an order here are my picks:
Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation, if this is anything like concealer we are on to a winner - link
Sephora Lip Cream Lip Stains, some of the best cream liquid matte lipsticks I own - link
OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set v1.0, all the nude lip shades you'll ever need - link
Marc Jacobs 7 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in the Lolita, a pretty neutral palette - link

What are your thoughts on Sephora now shipping to the UK?