Lily Flame Silent Night Candle

I'm a night owl and as such tend to gravitate anything that hints at mimicking the night sky. I'm also known to be a sucker for a scented product that may help me fall into a deep slumber so it is of little surprise that I ended up purchasing Lily Flame's Silent Night.

Lily Flame Silent Night was recommended to me by my sister who received it a tin Christmas past, she rather enjoyed the strong fruity yet floral fragrance and as we share similar taste I thought why not. The concept behind the Silent Night scent is that it draws inspiration from the evening fields come harvest. Fruity (I can mostly smell grapefruit), warm, heedy and a little spicy all of which it manages to capture. I must warn that it smells much stronger in the tin than it does lit.

Does Lily Flame Silent Night scratch my evening itch? Nope it isn't a sleepy mix nor does it command the magic of the evening which in my opinion Yankee Midsummers Night and Midnight Jasmine do with ease. Come think of it despite the name of this isn't festive either. To me this is a scent that hints at the beginning of Autumn and would be perfect to recreate a warm, fuzzy but fruity vibe in the home come the chillier seasons. For me it is a candle I will keep stashed away until next September and burn in the kitchen while myself and family member prepare Apple crumble and make chutney. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

Lily Flame Silent Night Candle £8.50 via John Lewis - link