Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray

Through no fault of my own...okay, okay through being an idiot and dropping my straighteners I have embraced my natural waves come ringlets and went completely heat free for a month now. My hair is happier, I have more time to get ready and I don't have to worry about burning my fingers. A win, win situation if ever there was one and it is all down to the aid of Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray.

Naturally I have big loose curls that can either be combed out into beachy waves or encouraged into neat bouncy curls - on paper I sound incredibly lucky in the hair department but combine that with the thickest hair possible and it is far from the dream life. I find keeping my hair straight makes it much easier to comb and to style but hey the grass is always greener on the other side. My main natural hair problem is that the weight of my hair pulls the roots completely straight resulting in my hair more often than not looking lank which really doesn't work with voluminous ends. Enter Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish.

Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish is essentially like a dry shampoo only it won't mop up any grease or grime (I felt a little queasy typing that) but it will give you all the volume you desire without feeling sticky or ultimately be drying on the hair. It has been designed for finer hair types as it is part of the thickening range but I find it to work well with my thick hair too. I should also mention that this spray has no colour what so ever so it won't leave any powdery residue in any hair colour. To apply I tend to lightly mist onto my roots and gently encourage volume by running my fingers throughout the hair - I find this to be much kinder in the long run than back combing. Keeping in mind I do have weighty hair (is that even a real problem or term?) I would say Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish is fairly long lasting - one application gives me volume for around four hours or so and if things get a little flat I just rustle my fingers through my roods and tah-dah. At £21.50 it isn't cheap but it does work and one can will last a good while even if used daily.

Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray £21.50 via Boots - link

- This post contains a press sample.