Indeed Labs Hydraluron

Just when you have wrapped your head around Indeed Labs Hydraluron along comes the Hydraluron Sheet masks. Do you need both? No but everyone should own one version to counteract dehydrated skin.

First of all I think it is important to understand what exactly Hydraluron is and why we will all most likely require a tube or pack of masks at some point. The Hydraluron serum is a hydration liquid which has been inspired by injectable hydration treatments employed in Swiss clinics. Hydraluron uses the worlds purest grade of hyaluronic acid which you may know is a wonderful tool when it comes to moisturising the skin as it can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water. Essentially it acts as a magnet clinging to any moisture you put on top of the serum so you get the maximum results from any skin moisturising lotion or cream you may layer on top of it. Used alone Hydraluron will do next to nothing for your skin but when used before moisturising you will reap the rewards making it perfect for dry skin types. On paper this may sound a little bizarre but do keep in mind that we naturally produce hyaluronic acid but our reservoirs become more and more depleted as we age. There is of course more science involved than I have mentioned but I think I have covered the jist of things?

Typically most Hydraluron advocates tend to have dry skin which of course is understandable - the drier the skin the more moisture you will need but don't overlook Hydraluron if like myself you have oily or even normal skin. Every now and then you may notice that your skin is looking less than perky and may even be dehydrated? Adding Hydraluron to your routine even for just a few days will counteract both symptoms and of course leave your skin feeling super soft and plump. In the past I have relied on the serum during and after a long haul flight and whenever I have been on antibiotics, both instances tend to play havoc with my skins hydration levels. The great thing about this serum is that results are instantaneous.

As someone who doesn't regularly rely on Hydraluron in serum form the new sheet masks are much more convenient. I can pop one in my travel bag and go and as they are individually wrapped I need not worry about the contents expiring. The other added bonus is the relaxation factor, the quick and easy to use sheet mask is simply blissful, calming and cooling on the skin. All you have to do is unwrap, pop on a freshly cleansed complexion, lie back and enjoy the fifteen or so minutes to yourself. The Hydraluron Sheet Masks are fairly wet with aforementioned serum so once you remove the mask be sure to take the time to rub the excess product into the face, neck and chest before following up with your chosen moisturiser.

In a nutshell dry, mature and regularly dehydrated skin I recommend a tube of Hydraluron for regular globe trotters and those who will only require the extra moisture boost on occasion I feel the sheet masks are the better option.

Hydraluron serum currently £16.66 via Boots - link and Hydraluron Sheet Masks currently £13.33 via Boots - link

- This post contains a press sample and an item I purchased myself.