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Seventeen Stay Time Foundation Review

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

After hailing Seventeen's On the Spot Concealer as one of the best I have ever stumbled across I decided to delve a little deeper into what the brand had to offer and on recommendation from a friend I purchased Seventeen Stay Time Foundation. Sadly this is not for me and here is why...

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

First of all top marks for own brands like Boots Seventeen for upping their game in the packaging stakes. Seventeen Stay Time Foundation comes in white bottle that not only has a built in pump but lock mechanism - it is very similar in that aspect to MAC Fix + design. The great thing about this is that not only do you have full control over how much you disperse each time you use the foundation but you can also avoid spillages in your handbag and what not thanks to the locking device. Genius.

As with most high street offering the colour range of Seventeen Stay Time Foundation is not all that vast with only six shades in total - the deepest I would most likely use after a few weeks in the sun. By accident I purchased the wrong shade Soft Ivory and only realised once I had opened the bottle...rookie mistake I know but I did test it none the less. What my little colour mistake has taught me is that this foundation could be perfectly suited to those with rather pale complexions who find colour matching difficult. Soft Ivory is the second shade and is almost pure white so I'm guessing that Porcelain should be suitable pale for even the lightest skin tone?

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation
Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

Colour woes aside Seventeen Stay Time Foundation promises to be a full coverage foundation that wears up to 25 hours if needed. I can't vouch for the 25 hour wear time but I can safely say it is full coverage - so much so that it is rather difficult to apply. The texture is beyond thick and in my opinion can't be applied in a rush or with your fingertips, I found that the only way to apply this was with a stippling brush of some kind and really working it into the skin. Not being entirely satisfied with the finish I removed my first application and tried applying it again but with a damp brush and found it to not only sit better on my skin but it became far easier to buff into the skin without compromising the high coverage finish. Despite being a full coverage offering it isn't heavy on the skin and really does cover every skin complaint but I must warn you it clings to the skin. I don't suffer from dry skin but with this on my face (even with a primer) it caked and made my skin look dry and scaly when in reality it is oily, it was not pretty at all. It should also be noted and commended that this foundation has a fairly high added SPF of 25.

 If you can look past the cakey skin issue then this will wear even on oily skin for at least 10 hours. Not a winner for me sadly.

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation £6.49 via Boots - link 

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