Three Face Masks for Blemish Prone Skin Types

As you may or may not know I have been plighted with oily skin since I was very young (around the age of 11) and normally (not always of course) such skin type does tend to be plagued with blemishes too. The honest truth is that since taking proper care of my skin (I was once a wet wipe kind of girl) it truly has improved tenfold and nowadays if I do get a blemish it more often than not tends to be hormonal or an allergic reaction. For pesky blemishes of any kind I do like to have three particular masks to hand and let me explain why...

1, Origins Clear Improvement Mask (read my full review here and purchase it here
Technically this active charcoal based mask has been formulated to deeply clear pores which it does well but I find it to be suited to aiding the clear up of those painful under the skin blemishes. Essentially this mask will deeply cleanse the skin from environmental pollutants, dirt and general debris get under your skin thoroughly cleansing the pores which in turn will help promote a clear complexion. I like to use this as a both a weekly detox mask and will dab it on targeted areas when needed to help shift an under the skin blemish. Those like myself with enlarged pores may purchase this in the hope it will shrink them, let me tell you that is not the case but clearer pores do look smaller so all is not a loss.

2,Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask (read my full review here and purchase it here)

Not everyone with this choice due to the parabens but let me tell you if my skin breaks out be it in spots or a rash this is the mask I turn to. Nothing and I mean nothing dries out a spot quicker than Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask. Yes, yes the Mint Julep Face Mask by Queen Helene both smells and looks like toothpaste and I guess to some degree it does behave similar. However unlike toothpaste this thick green tinted minty mask is in no way sticky and it actually works. One application of this mask tends to shift the majority of small blemishes without leaving behind a scar, if the blemish is particularly nasty two consecutive applications and the problem is a thing of the past. A word of warning is that it is a rather drying face mask so only use it on affected areas rather than all over. Do I use this weekly? Nope only when required and that is why my tube from July is still going strong. Oh and the best part is that it costs less than a fiver!

3, Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask (purchase it here - link)
Where the Origins Clear Improvement mask deep cleanses the pores this mud mask helps to clear up blemishes as well as exfoliating the skin. I use this once a week to help my oily and often congested skin, yes it does dry the skin out temporarily (dead sea mud formula) but it does draw all the impurities to the surface which results in clearer skin in the long run. This mask also contains salicylic acid which not only lightly exfoliates but again draws out the impurities as well as aiding the tightening of pores. Last but not least it contains tea tree oil which can and does dry out blemishes - reducing them in size and redness as well as being an antibacterial propriety. If you are going through a problem skin phase regardless of your age this is great to help not only clear the skin but keep it blemish free in the long run. Again this will only cost you £5.

Do you have any must have face masks?