To all my fellow oily skinned readers with problematic pores I dedicate this post to you as 
the product I am about to wax lyrical about really is a case of if you buy this mask your life will better, 
well at the very least your skin will be.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask has quickly become my holy grail facial mask
as it does what it says on the tin, something I'm sure we can all agree is pretty rare in the beauty world.
Nothing else leaves my skin looking glowing, plump and radiant which professionals have struggled to achieve with my less than cooperative skin type.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask features active charcoal which acts like a magnet clearing clogged pores deep down, removing all traces of oil, dirt and make-up.
Admittedly before applying this mask I was ever the skeptic as so far most pore aimed products have been full of empty promises but I can assure that this really does clear enlarged pores 
and in turn tightens them too so they appear smaller.
I can also imagine this to be great for those who have issues with blackheads.

Clear Improvement also contains White China Clay that not only absorbs toxins but lifts any impurities to the surface of the skin so you may notice a blemish or two the first few times you use it. 
I did sport a blemish the first two uses on my chin which isn't typically a problem area for me but they disappeared as quickly as they reared their ugly heads which was a relief.

For a product you only have to use once a week yet reap a whole world of benefits particualry
I can not recommend this enough.
If you have enlarged/clogged pores let this be your next purchase, 
I promise you will wonder what how you ever survived without it from the first use!

Now I have the dilemma of what Origins mask to invest in next?

Origins Clear Improvement Mask £20/100ml via Origins - link