Bleach London Bruised Violet Super Cool Colour

My younger sister's New Year resolution was to try out a funky hair colour and with the blog world being set a light by the recent arrival of Bleach London Super Cool Colour's we thought what better place to start?

After much deliberation she settled on Bleach London Bruised Violet Super Cool Colour which in my opinion is a cross between a deep crimson pink and your typical violet shade - out of the fairly expansive line up this is one of the deeper shades and as a result probably one of the best bets for naturally dark hair?

As it is a year of hair experimentation for my sister (oh to be that brave again) she decided to pre-lighten her hair before application which we did using the Jerome Russell B Blonde Hair Lightener Kit which you can find via Boots for £5.99 - link. Basically this is an all over bleach bath of sorts to lift the natural colour out the hair so you have a light base to apply a tint on top off for optimal vibrancy. This is a step I do not recommend doing on your own - I have over processed my hair countless times in the past which has resulted in my hair snapping off so do approach with caution and don't guess the developing time what ever you do!

Once blonde which was achieved really quickly (10 minute all over bleach) as my sister has a pixie like crop which was virgin hair we dried her hair and then set to applying Bleach London Bruised Violet Super Cool Colour to her entire head of hair. What surprised me most about the Super Cool Colours is that they smell really pleasant (more akin with a conditioner than a hair dye), they have a light liquid like consistency meaning it spreads really easily throughout the hair and a little goes a long way. I have long thick hair and would only buy two bottles to coat (and I mean coat) my entire head in the colour so the majority of users should find one bottle more than suffice. Unlike other colourants you apply the Super Cool Colours to freshly washed but towel dried hair (to soften the end result you can mix it half and half with conditioner or for an intense finish you can apply to dry hair) and simply rinse out once 15 minutes have passed.

Bleach London Bruised Violet Super Cool Colour

The end result? Truthfully? A little patchy. We followed the directions to the letter and yet certain areas of her hair have turned a bizarre lilac hue, with an area turning almost grey and others a deep crimson. I'm sure some will read this and say that various tones of purple adds dimension to the hair and normally I would agree but the truth is the end result looks a little haphazard. Basically my thoughts echo Caroline's post here - link, in photos Bruised Violet looks vibrant but in reality it is tricky and unpredictable so do approach with caution. Basically if purchasing a Bleach London Super Cool Colour avoid the purple shades as they seem to be the most problematic!

Bleach London Bruised Violet Super Cool Colour £5 via Boots - link