With us barely into the New Year I thought what better time to try out a new nail shape. Regular readers of this blog will know that in 2013 (doesn't it feel weird referring to 2013 in the past tense) I was a huge fan of long, almond shaped claws which were of course artificial. The problem with such shape and length was the upkeep - as I spend a large chunk of my time typing away my nails bore the brunt and would quickly chip, snap off or crack...attractive I know. With that in mind I have decided to go au naturel in 2014 and have vowed to grown my own nails with the aide of gel overlays.

Lord knows I wasn't blessed with the prettiest of hands - as a child I wished for long, slim fingers but was sadly blessed with tiny, stubby and chubby fingers. Much like any super villain or hero disguise is the best weapon in my arsenal and I find longish nails help create the illusion of slimmer fingers but doing that without the aide of nail extensions has proven tricky. My natural nails grow fairly quickly but despite my best efforts (I've lost count to how many nail strengtheners I have purchased) they quickly snap off and I'm back to square one. This year I am going to attempt with the help of gel overlays to grown my natural nails and also I vow no more ring finger manicures instead I have decided that the index finger manicure (mainly so I can point and pout a la Posh Spice circa 1999) is the new thing...probably not but hey a change is as good as a holiday and yes that means no more talon shaped nails from me either!

Why the post on nails? Well it is my only New Years beauty resolution, this year I have decided to embrace change and to just go with the flow. Do you have any beauty resolutions?