Yankee Wax Tarts Review

Don't judge me (okay you can but not too harshly) but I am sick of festive scented or aimed products for that matter and have stored them away for next Christmas. A new year means out with the old and in with the new. As I normally dedicate the first week of the year to sprucing and tidying up the home I purchased a few fresh and clean scented Yankee Wax tarts to help me on my way..

Yankee Wax Tarts

Before I share my thoughts on my new additions I do want to say that I will no longer be recommending eBay as my go to source for wax tarts after receiving a few sub par tarts in the recent months. Typically speaking I find Yankee's Wax Tarts to offer the strongest scent throw in the entire Yankee family but I have received a good few dud ones recently. I have no real idea what is going on - maybe they are old stock but for now I only rate Yankee Candle - link for online purchases as they are the official stockist and of course physical vendors such as Clinton Cards, Debenhams etc as you can test them so to speak in person.

Yankee Wax Tarts

Anyway tales of wax woe aside here are my new additions - Clean Cotton and Fluffy Towels which truthfully are not all that dissimilar in scent. Both have an almost fabric softener type fragrance making them perfect to burn throughout the day or to "clean up" the air after cooking. Out of the two I do prefer Clean Cotton as it is slightly stronger but Fluffy Towels is not without its charm - it reminds me of generic white bubble bath sometimes...odd! To help make the long Scottish winter a little more bearable I do rely heavily on fruity based scents and my firm favourites include Mango Peach Salsa - tutti fruity by any other name, Sparkling Lemon - a bright almost lemonade type offering and Vanilla Lime which reminds me of freshly baked Key Lime Pie but with added zest. Not pictured but well worth investing in is Pink Sands, it is bright, slightly fruity yet sleepy at the same time. For £1.25 they are a great pick me you really can't go wrong.

In case you are interested my wax tart burner was from eBay (£5.06 inc p&p) - link   now back to my pre-Spring clean...no rest for the wicked eh!