Weekly Favourites

So Christmas has been and gone - my waist line is glad to see the back of it and truthfully I am ready to begin a New Year and see what the future has to offer. For the last week or so I have been fairly lazy when it comes to make-up as I have been mostly indoors but here is a few of my festive favourites from the week past...

Like most the winter plays havoc with my skin so I have not only had to change foundations but also up my skin care game. Along with an intense night cream (I don't have a favourite at the moment), a good eye cream (again nothing is really rockin' my boat) I have been applying Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil. My skin has been drinking this up and I have noticed my complexion doesn't look half as dull and break outs have been minimal. You can read my full review of this oil here - link.

As mentioned I have had to switch foundations and let me tell you that once Maybelline's Better Skin Foundation (£8.99) launches in January you are in for a treat. At the moment it is very early days for me in terms of testing but I liken it to L'Oreal's Lumi Magique and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundations in that it offers great coverage, feels light on the skin and wears rather well. I can't wait to get my hands in the matching concealer...yes it is that good. To mop up excess oil (eww I know) I have been once again relying on Make Up Forever's HD Powder which I find not only works well in terms of oil control but also helps disguise my enlarged pores. You can find it here - link.

Another new comer which I have been trailing is Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara which is the eagerly anticipated dual ended mascara - one end for the top lashes the other for the bottom lashes. At £8.99 it is reasonable priced but I will admit that not everyone is going to love it. For me it is a winner as the formula is so light that it doesn't weigh down my flimsy eyelashes and helps me to prolong a curl in my lashes throughout the day. This also launches in January.

The great thing about winter is that my skin is paler and products I can't wear in the winter get some use most notably Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder which helps create fuss free razor sharp cheek bones. This ashen toned powder looks beyond natural and is so well pigmented that it will last forever and a day. Find it here via Space.NK- link. I have also been slicking on MAC's Shy Girl lipstick like there's no tomorrow which can be a little too stark come my summer tan - a great everyday peachy nude for everyday in my opinion. You can find it here via Debenhams - link.

Who said red is for Christmas? For me the last week or so all that has been on my nails is NARS Union Libre - a bright blue based cerise pink. I really need to try out more NARS polishes in the future.
Find it here via Space.NK - link.

What have you been enjoying?