As you will more than be likely sick of hearing - I have oily skin and by that I don't mean the odd little patch of excess sebum. Nope, no sir, I have full on oily skin that will encourage make-up to slip and slide within a matter of two hours and that is if we are lucky. Despite facialist's assuring me that my Mediterranean skin will beneficial in the long run (apparently oily ski ages slower) I will and do try anything in my power to help achieve a more balanced complexion which has led me to trialing Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil. 

Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 oils, there was a time I would have read the ingredients and been like cool story bro and left it at that but nowadays I like to research exactly just what these so called wonder ingredients are and what they imply. Most will recognise Omega 3 from oily fish but a little further search shows that this addition is actually a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Omega 6 is more commonly food in nuts and seeds and when found in skincare it can help the skin to regenerate and repair. Omega 7 which can be found in macadamia nuts and cold-water fish is a skin care wonder supplement which helps boost collagen and can help to protect the skin against environmental damage. Lastly we have Omega 9 which truth be told I can not find all that much about but apparently the human body is a really fatty acid that can help the skin to glow and look more plump but like I said I found very little about Omega 9.

All that information is great but deep down most of us only really care about how a product works and I can report that it does, in-fact better than some of my other night products but not in the way the brand advertises. If you Google Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil you will undoubtedly come across a good few reviews and press releases for that matter all of which will some way indicate that this oil promises to reduce wrinkles by up to 36% in one hour. Heck that is speedy but sadly a false promise. For the sake of research I asked my 30 year old, my 44 year old mother and my Grandmother who will kneecap me if I publish her age  all to slather some of this one and see if the wrinkle reduction claim is true. We all sat back and waited patiently for the Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil to work its magic but the wrinkles remained as deep and as prominent ever. 

However don't let you put you off when it comes to night treatments this is utterly wonderful, three small drops is all you need for your face and once you get past the odd almost wooden scent your skin will thank you. This deeply mouisturising and nourishing oil hydrates the skin in mere seconds without being heavy or in my case overwhelming. Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil will leave your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, glowing and refreshed in one quick step. Now back to my oily skin, I have since switched to using this oil on its own rather than combining with a night cream and have noticed that in the space of a month my skin is far less oily. Perhaps in the past I was using something too heavy that was encouraging my skin to act up or perhaps, just perhaps this combination of natural oils has helped to re-balance my skin? Who knows but either way I am happy!

Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil* £54/30ml via John Lewis - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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