Monthly Favourite Beauty Products November 2013

I'm a little in shock, how can it be December already? I have so much to do in the run up to Christmas which is literally only a few weeks away and as a result I feel a little flustered. Halloween only seems like last week. Gah! Anyway here are my favourite products for the month on November...

Initially I tried (tried being the operative word) to resist NARS Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette as I really didn't need it and it does contains three blushes I already own yet in a moment of weakness I purchased it. I hate to admit it but I was right to do so as the blush palette has been my go to cheek product since I got it, even the shade Orgasm which I grew tired of years ago has been getting some love (I realise that may read a little tongue in cheek). What I like most about this palette is that I have everything I need to contour, highlight and add a flush of colour to my cheeks in one go. I know that this palette sold out weeks ago but if you do stumble across one, snap it up asap!

I haven't truly enjoyed wearing eyeshadow recently instead I have been much happier quickly slicking on some mascara and my current go to has to be Magnetic Lash by Santhilea. This of course is a brush on duo - one product being a mascara and the other being brush on fibres. I have somewhat sensitive eyes and yet I can use this duo without concern which is fairly rare. I have yet to review Magnetic Lash by Santhilea set but let me tell you it really does provide unbelievable length and volume in one quick step. So much easier and dare I say it natural looking than fake eyelashes.

On my face it has either been NARS Sheer Glow Foundation or NARS Tinted Moisturiser teamed with NARS Creamy Concealer. I have often said that if NARS created an outstanding mascara I could quite happily live with a NARS only make-up bag. Seriously they do bases, concealers, blushes and bronzers like no other and their lipsticks are pretty great too. All three base products allow my skin to breathe yet offer great coverage that has a slight radiance boosting quality all the while looking natural. 

I really can't stand Kim Kardashian (or Kayne) for that matter but must thank her for sharing her go to lip colour once upon a time. Yes MAC Angel which is my go to pink lipstick that goes with everything, always garners compliments and honestly is my favourite shade ever. I've lost count to how many tubes I have went through but it is a staple product for me and one shade I thoroughly recommend everyone tries even if it is only once.

Despite being a huge Thierry Mugler Alien wearer (read hoarder) I have found myself wearing Narcisco Rodriguez For Her EDT most days, it is warm, romantic and so, so long wearing. I initially bought this in the summer but find it more fitting for the chillier days. The only annoying thing is that the bottle is opaque and rather heavy so there is no real way of gauging how much you have left inside!

Do you have any November favourites?