Laura Mercier Luxe Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection

This year there seems to be a lack of decent make-up sets, well in terms of value at least but one that will save you a bundle has to be Laura Mercier's Luxe Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection. With six full sized Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks (which retail at £20.50 each )for £55 you are saving £68 which is incredible value in my opinion. What is even better is that the Laura Mercier Luxe Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection contains the six best selling filler all killer!

The packaging may not be striking but it sure is practical - long, slim yet somewhat chunky mechanical eyeshadow pencils that are easy to transport and more importantly apply. Due to the shape and style of the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks you wind the pencil up, slick on the eye lids and quickly blend out with your finger should you wish. They also work wonderfully well with an eye brush too. I kid you not when I say it is one of the few products you can easily apply without a mirror should you need to. In a word? Faultless.

Before I give you a run down of all six shades let me discuss the formula a little. To begin with the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are soft yet firm enough to hold their shape for precise application and of course to double up as creamy eyeliners. Should you wish to use these stylos as eyeliners I do recommend setting with powder be it translucent or eyeshadow of the same colour to ensure the sharpness of the line stays intact through course of wear. As an eyeshadow they glide on to the eyelids and do not pull or tug at all, as to be expected they are a cream formulation that does dry down and lock to form an almost power like quality without loosing the high metallic sheen of each shade. What sets the Laura Mercier formulation apart from others is that once it sets it does not budge and doesn't seem to be hampered by the likes of oily eye lids nor do they crease. You can of course wear each shade individually or use as a base for powder products but one thing that is for sure every make-up bag should contain at least one shade.

Now onto the shades within the kit:

Amethyst - this is not a deep jewel toned purple as the name would suggest but rather a light almost lavender tinged taupe that is a great everyday shade but one that would look truly amazing against green eyes. It is somewhat similar to Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze Color Tatoo in terms of colour.

Cocoa - a deep, true brown that is intensely pigmented and the richest shade of the bunch. This doesn't translate quite as metallic on the skin as the other shades. Applied heavily it can look rather harsh but blended out it gives a rich, slightly golden tinged base which is far more flattering in my opinion.

Khaki - imagine MAC Green Smoke in cream formula and this is exactly what the make-up gods would deliver. Laura Mercier's Khaki is a cool toned, silver tinged green that can lean a little grey in some lights. It is really pretty and a great alternative to your typical smoky eye offerings.

Pink Opal - this is my least favourite shade of the bunch purely because I don't like pink eyeshadows but in terms of the most diverse shade this has to win. It can be used as an eyeshadow base for practically any shade, worn own its own or as a cream highlighter for anywhere on the face. This has to be the glitziest shade of the bunch.

Rose Gold - not your usual rose gold fodder rather this has a stronger golden undertone opposed to pink and is perfect for combining with any warm toned neutral eyeshadow you may own. This also works wonderfully with blue eyes allowing them to appear bluer than they actually are. Great.

Sand Glow - a really pretty light golden brown that is perfect for everyday wear and much like Rose Gold above it is fairly warm toned and can be used in the same light, a good everyday shade that can perk up the eye area with next to no work.

You can find the Laura Mercier Luxe Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection for £55* via Space.NK - link
and each shade individually here - link.
*PR samples sent for consideration of review.

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