Blogmas Day 2

I know it is only day two of my version of Blogmas but I'm having a whale of a time. Okay you may judge me but for the last few years I have watched a Christmas movie from the 1st of December all the way through to the 26th...well almost. In my house we all settle down with a few snacks at 9pm and snuggle up for a little light hearted seasonal movie before popping off to bed. Blankets on the sofa, popcorn in your lap and a scented candle or three...bliss.

Blogmas Day 2

Here is my list which has remained the same for the last two years (all have clickable titles should you want to add a few to your festive viewing list):

1st December - Nativity - One of the funniest British Christmas films I have ever seen. The teacher's assistant leaves me with niggling sides from laughing so much. If you have yet to see it I can't recommend it enough.

2nd December - Nativity 2 -  Not as amusing as the first but still a nice way to fritter away an evening and you can't watch one without the other...or maybe that is just me? We saw this in the Cinema a year ago today hence why it is pencilled in this date - gah I'm such a stickler for tradition.

3rd December - Jingle All the Way - Okay Arnie can not act for toffee but I defy anyone who says that this is not one of their favourite Christmas movies. As an adult I can identify more with the parents than the children yet when this first came out the shoe was on the other foot.

4th December - Love Actually - Again only my second time ever seeing this particular film. Last year twitter egged me on to watch it saying it is a British tradition...well of sorts and I've got to say it is a beautiful heart warming viewing. The soundtrack also brings back memories of the Sugababes.

5th December - The Holiday - If you rate Love Actually then you will enjoy this also, not the same storyline by any means but similar sentiment

6th December - Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and Disney's Countdown to Christmas - One thing I can always recall as a child is watching Disney Christmas cartoon's religiously and also the Muppets Christmas Carol. As I've got older I seem to have grown to loath the Christmas Carol version yet will still happily sit down and watch the cartoons!

7th December - The Gremlins - This is actually replacing last years Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas and is only on the list because we are going to see it in Glasgow Central Station. Yes really! Watching a midnight movie in a train station...I must be mad. Expect to see/read more on the 8th!

8th. 9th. 10th, - The Santa Clause Trilogy - Easily in my top ten Christmas movies of all time. I confess I love Tim Allen and as a child was addicted to the T.V show Home Improvement (does anyone else recall it?). A really easy trio of films to watch even if I do know the script for the first one off by heart ha!

11th December - Rise of the Guardians - Each year myself and my sisters go to the cinema on Christmas Eve and last year this is what we saw by accident (everything else had sold out) but boy what a happy accident. Some kiddy films are just that but this is a wonderful animated adventure with plenty of double entendre to keep adult viewers amused. That and it is all about Jack Frost!

12th December - Deck the Halls - Hilarious and as it is all about decorating the tree what better offering to sit down to on the eve we put up the Christmas tree?

13th December - Arthur Christmas - One of the sweetest cartoon style Christmas viewings you will ever see. I dare you not to sob...even just a little. 

14th December - Christmas with the Kranks - Hilarious and oh it stars Tim Allen. Since I enjoy daring people so much I dare you not to laugh big belly style at least four or five times while watching this.

15th December - Surviving Christmas - Such an odd film, yet oddly I find myself enjoying it. Not really one for a younger audience. Slightly dark yet festive. Like I said bizarre.

16th December - Scrooged - Another Christmas film that veers on the dark side. I recall first watching this when I was around 12 and thinking I was so grown up. This of course is based on the Charles Dickens Christmas Carol but not at all like the cutesy Muppets version ha!

17th December- 8 Crazy Nights - I know technically this tale is based on Hanukkah and not really a Christmas film but it is a must see and one I look forward to each December. If you like Adam Sandler and satire then this is for you. The old man in this film makes my heart break.

18th December - The Snowman and Father Christmas - We all know the soundtrack and both animations inside out. My personal favourite has to be Father Christmas mainly because he visits Scotland, has a cat and is slightly grumpy!

19th and 20th December - Home Alone and Home Alone 2 - Forget the third instalment you filthy animal, the first two are all you need. Aftershave splashing faces at the ready. P.S who else finds that Home Alone one leaves you dreaming of New York and the second version of Paris? 

21st December - Four Christmases - I find this to have the same sort of vibe as Christmas with the Kranks and is just so funny. Saying that is not one that younger kids will enjoy.

22nd  December - The Family Stone - Gah this is the only film on here I love to hate, it is a typical American Christmas type offering but it will leave you weeping on more than one occasion and routing for Sarah Jessica Parker!

23rd December - ELF - Santa's coming....need I say more that and each time I watch it I am always left dumb founded by how different Zoe Deschanel looks as a blonde.

24th December - Muppets Family Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas - In my eyes the only Muppets Christmas film worth watching. If you haven't seen it you have to. I have watched this every Christmas Eve since I was utterly tiny. We tend to watch this while having our evening meal and then curl up later on in the evening to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas before opening a sneaky gift at midnight.

25th December - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - This is always on in the background on Christmas Day before being replaced by Doctor Who and Mr Bean's Christmas in the evening. If you haven't seen it you are missing out on a good festive slap stick comedy...that and your chance to see Leonard from the Big Bang Theory as a youngster.

26th December - Die Hard - Officially known as Die Hard day in my household, pop on your onesie, grab a tin of chocolates (Roses or Celebrations in my instance) and see how many you can get through in one day! 

Blogmas Day 2

I hope you found some lovely new additions to add to your festive viewing. I also plan on squeezing in Fred Claus (the Gremlins stole its place this year), Bad Santa and The Snowman and the Snowdog at some point too...that's what weekends are for surely? If you have any must sees that I have not included do let me know.

Twenty three days and counting...