The Olsen Twins Fragrance Line

I think like most girls my age I have a slight obsession with the Olsen twins, they are effortlessly chic and just have a bizarre likeability factor that keeps us all interested. Well the fascination is about to grown deeper as under the guise of their fashion line - Elizabeth and James, two new fragrances will launch in late January exclusively at Sephora. They've come along way since their kiddy make-up line that used to be found in Asda...does anyone else remember that?

"We always knew we wanted to have a fragrance for this brand, because it's very lifestyle. There are many components to the brand. We felt that between the brand Elizabeth and James and Sephora that we were really speaking together directly to our customer. We felt that was a really good place to start exploring the world of fragrance and beauty." - Ashley Olsen

The two fragrances are: Nirvana Black which features violet, sandalwood and vanilla notes, and is said to be woody (I imagine it to smell somewhat similar to Tom Ford's Black Orchid for some reason). The other is Nirvana White which has been centred upon peony, muguet and musk, a light floral in any other words (to my mind this will be reminiscent to Donna Karen's Cashmere fragrance but I am of course just guessing). Since I enjoy guessing so much I also feel that the bottles will be similar in style to Narciso Rodriguez's offerings but only time will tell.

Initially only one fragrance was meant to be in the pipeline but to prevent it from being too fussy the Olsen's settled for creating two scents with simpler notes with the idea being that you wear the two fragrances at the same time. A little bizarre, costly and pointless as you will still be creating the over complicated scent they decided against in the first place? Anyway I do have high hopes going by Mary-Kate's description.

"These fragrances are really about what everyone wants, which is intimacy," Mary-Kate Olsen.
Here's hoping they reach the UK sooner rather than later.