Yankee Merry Marshmallow Candle

Halloween is over so in my eyes it is now the beginning of winter and that means only one thing...let the countdown to Christmas commence. 
I'm not one for festive scented candles as most tend to have spicy notes which aren't at all my thing yet I oddly enjoy them in other people's home...odd I know. For those like myself who prefer softer fragrances in general then I highly recommend testing out Yankee Candles Merry Marshmallow scent for the run up to Christmas.

Is it your typical Christmassy fragrance? Nope! Far from it but it has a light, fluffy and sugary sweet essence that bizarrely reminds me both of marshmallows and freshly fallen snow. Despite being a "candy" based offering it is not sickly sweet and rather clean, making it perfect for burning all day long as it never becomes overpowering. It is one of the few sweet based Yankee fragrances that I think both kids and adults will enjoy and who can pass up on that cute little marshmallow illustration on the front? Not me that is for sure.

For fans of Yankee's Fireside Treats this is not really similar, yes they both have the same almost vanilla based marshmallow fragrance but Yankee Merry Marshmallow is definitely sweeter and lacks the smoky addition of Fireside Treats. I do think those that enjoyed such scent will lap up Merry Marshmallow but identical they are not.

Truthfully I'm glad to see Yankee switch it up a little, there's only so many Christmas Tree scented candles a girl can take so sweeter fragrances are most certainly a welcome addition. Next on my hit list (not that I need another candle) is Yankee's Snowflake Cookie...it is quite literally sugar, no spice and all things nice.

Yankee Merry Marshmallow £1.25-£19.99* depending on the size find it here - link.
*PR sample sent for consideration of review.