Kiss Air Candles Christmas Collection

Kiss Air Candles Christmas Collection

Somewhere, someone has just groaned and uttered "gah no more candles!". Yes my slightly grumpy friend more candles but this time around with just enough seasonal cheer to make those long winter nights a little more cosy. Let me introduce you to two new fragrances from Kiss Air Candles for Christmas 2013.

I've often said on this blog that I am not a fan of strong spicy fragrances and that is still very much true so I was a little cautious of burning the two new Kiss Air scents. Luckily the spice based nots don't prevail in either candle rather they add warmth to the over all scent resulting in a lovely and very festive experience.

The two fragrances I have been lucky enough to test are Spiced Cranberry which is my personal favourite it has an authentic cranberry scent that is instantly recognisable coupled with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a hint of ginger which give it a warm, comforting festive vibe. It is not overly strong nor sweet but perfect for an evening spent indoors curled up on the sofa. I can actually envision myself lightening this once the Christmas tree is up and feeling content and as snug as a bug. The other scent I tested was Orange and Clove which my sister can not get enough of - to my nose the clove fragrance dominates yet it is not overbearing thanks to the sweet addition of the orange citrus note. What I will say is that although not as comforting as the Spiced Cranberry candle this one doesn't half help when you have a cold - I found it made the air easier to breathe and also cleared my head.

You might not have heard of Kiss Air Candles up until now but it is a brand worth investigating as the candles not only beautifully packaged and fragranced for that matter but also made by hand using natural soya wax for a cleaner burn.

You can find Kiss Air Christmas Candles here with prices starting at £5.50 - £8.50.