Alexa Chung for Eyeko

I've got to say I am a little surprised by the Alexa Chung for Eyeko packaging, I really did anticipate a sugar pink colour scheme or something to that effect but rather she has went for a bold blue and black theme. 

"I really love the Yves Klein blue and wanted to use something similar so it would pop and be modern but classic. I associate those words with the brand. Eyeko's turquoise is lovely but I wanted to establish my own version so that people would know this was my take on their products." - Alexa Chung.

Launching on the 14th of November is two new products for Eyeko Eye Do collection which include the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner which is waterproof and opaque black, whilst the mascara is water resistant and packed with vitamins A and E, keratin, ginkgo biloba and botanical proteins. Not only are the products perfect for the often wet British winters but they are of great quality and not to mention cute each of which has been printed with Alexa Chung's signature.

The first Alexa For Eyeko collection (is this a hint that more are in the pipeline?) will be available from November 14 at Selfridges as a set with a limited-edition poster.

Is this something you are excited about?