As a recent survey showed, 35% of women prefer a girls night in pampering than hitting the tiles and with the Scottish forecast being snow in the coming days what better time than to share my favourite pampering products and of course share a few "I wish" items so grab your closest friends and make a night of it!

1, I don't know about you but no sleepover or girls night in for that matter is complete without a good laugh or cry (pack your waterproof mascara). I plan on purchasing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air not just to sign along to the theme song but for some old school laughs and perhaps practising the Carlton Banks dance?
For a weepy you can't beat the likes of Ghost or My Sister's Keeper...tissue's at the ready.

2, In my opinion every night in needs a candle or two not only to fragrance the room after you order that naught take away but to set a relaxing ambience. At the moment I am utterly obsessed with Diptyque Baies but at £40 it is quite a pricey purchase. Yankee also do wonderful fragrances and Muji (home of the acrylic storage) do some amazing Diptyque dupes on a budget.

3, Every night in with your best friends needs a face mask or two and as it is less than likely that everyone present will have the same skin type I thoroughly recommend the Origins Mask Marvel Gift set. For £23 you get three almost full sized Origins masks that can be shared and then stashed away for a solo pampering session.

4, It is no secret that I love nothing more than a cute pair of pyjamas and at the moment this snazzy pair from John Lewis have caught my eye. They are blue adorned with snowflakes and prancing reindeer - perfect for a night in and then to open Christmas presents on Christmas Day (I can't wait).

It's all well and good keeping your body snuggly with new pj's but what about your feet? I loathe traditional slippers and have recently been introduced to Mocci's. Essentially they are slipper socks in the cutest designs but with a more durable sole. I like that they are light weight yet keep your tootsies toasty also if they are good enough for Rita Ora they are good enough for me.

5, If you are inviting some friends around for a girlie night in you simply must provide snacks and in my opinion it is the one night to not only order in a pizza but to indulge that sweet tooth. At this time of the year you can save a little by purchasing Christmas selection packs or perhaps a tin of Roses?

6, Last but not least beverages - I don't drink alcohol but others do so I tend to make normal and virgin cocktails. You can pick up a cheap blender from most supermarkets and have a ball creating your own concoctions. To save on money you could ask all that are attending to bring a bottle?

Are you planning on having a girls night in soon?
If so what are your plans?

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