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Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant Review

Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant

Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant
Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant

I am slightly allergic to typical anti- perspirants deodorant something of which I only learned about recently and an allergy that has only developed in the last year or so. Luckily my doctor after running tests etc has told me it is not something I should worry about and to eliminate the symptoms of my allergy an alternative may be natural based deodorants rather than a typical anti-perspirants

As you may be aware a typical  anti-perspirant works by slowing down the rate of sweat production as well as leaving the under arm fragranced. Essentially in laymen's they clog up the underarm pores with the aid of aluminium which is why with continued use I end up with a red angry itchy rash in such area. With that in mind I have switched to more typical deodorants and do try and use versions that are free from preservatives and other nasties which has lead me to Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant. 

Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant is of course a solid deodorant bar which contains bicarbonate of soda to help soak up sweat. To neutralise any whiffy smells tea tree, lemon and juniper oils have been added to scent the underarm as well as give the benefits of being naturally anti-bacterial. To use you simply rub the white unwaxed side on to the area (much like you would with a traditional bar of soap) and hey presto, job done. 

Now on to the pro's and con's. The pro's are that as long as you aren't overly sweaty and don't require an anti-prespirant to keep wet patches at bay this does truly work not to mention it smells utterly amazing - some bright and citrus fresh. My under arms stay sweetly scented all day and the formula does not result in any red rashes which is all I really require. Another pro is that one bar will last forever and a day which oddly leads me on to a con. With continued use and by that I mean maybe a month down the line the T'eo bar does dry out to some extent and can almost be painful to use. One way to prevent this happening is to store the bar in a soap dish or any other air tight box and should it still dry out you can shave off the top layer and it will be back to it's original easy to use formula. The other con is that it is a bit of a nightmare with black clothing but all that considered it is still a re-purchase for me and my sensitive pits!

Lush T'eo Crystal Deodorant £4.75/90g via Lush - link
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  1. Lo usé hace tiempo pero no repetí, el aguanta todo el día y reseca un poco la axila :S

    Kyllie Make Up Fragrances

  2. I really want to give this a go!!


  3. I also struggled with Black shirts and white deo marks, but I love this for summer days and colourful clothing!

  4. Great review, I'm such a huge fan of Lush products! Never thought of using a natural-based deodorant though :) have to give it a go

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  5. I had similar problems with some deodorants too, last summer. But the result was far worse in my case: clogged up glands, super swelling in my underarm area (read: couldn't close my arm nor sleep on it). It was AWFUL.. I live in Italy and I suffer the heat here a LOT, so imagine sweating and not being able to wear a decent deodorant because you keep swelling up. In the end I had to have tests run to check everything was OK. Now I have started to use another deodorant which is NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT and doesn't contain Aluminium. Will post something about it soon, maybe you can check it out.. since we've experienced a similar problem. :) x

  6. I love this deodorant, although my Mum swears by another - Aromoco, by Lush. I agree though, it can certainly go quite hard and scratch your skin - thanks for the storage suggestion.

    Sophie @ x

  7. £4.75 for a deo? No thank you

  8. In the past few months I've developed the exact same symptoms after using roll-on or spray deodorants: red itchy underarms. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely be giving it a go! xo

  9. I'm extremely allergic to antiperspirants! and even some natural deodorants but I think I might give this a try and since Lush's Aromaco hasn't give me a rash, this might be fine as well!


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