The Beauty Bucket List

I can't be the only person who lingers around perfume counters inhaling the intoxicating fumes of a certain scent only to forever decide against it as it is too pricey to justify?
Or maybe you book in for a wax down under only to wuss out?
Both of which I am guilty of and have lead me to composing a list of beauty products and services I want to try before I die (god what a happy subject) hence The Beauty Bucket List.

1, Save up and own a tub of Crème de La Mer face cream even if it is just the once.
2, Understand the fuss of Chanel No.5 Parfum - I think this is one of those scents you grow to love non?
3, Go for a Brazilian wax..,gulp!
4, Get my eyebrows tattoo'd on, oddly this does not seem as scary as above.
5, Speaking of tattoo's I would like the one behind my ear and on my neck removed via laser.
6, Another mention of lasers and I would like to try "real" lazer hair removal.
7, An odd one but it is somewhat beauty related - I would like to film at least one YouTube Tutorial.
8, Enrol in The Academy of Make-Up in Glasgow and get some make-up artistry classes under my belt.
9, Master the art of the feline flick eye liner and be able to apply false eyelashes like a pro.
10, Last but not least is another perfume aim and it is to own all the Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances...not asking for much am I?

Some points are obviously going to be easier than others to achieve but that's all part of the fun isn't it?
What makes it on to your list?