Monday, September 30, 2013

S.M.S (Save.My.Skin)


If you are feeling a little miserable this may well cheer you up.
In the very early hours of this morning I over estimated the width of my bed and fell out, in a last ditch attempt to save myself from bumping my head I tried (and I say tried) to stop myself with my arm.
Well said arm was having none of it and popped out of its socket (eww I know) and I had to get it popped back in while in my PJ' Winnie the Pooh PJ's that were never intended for public viewing.
Woe is my life and now you all fully understand why I do not vlog - it would be like some poorly scripted Scottish sitcom.

As my arm is a little tender lifting a bulky camera is not high on my agenda so until the mighty morphin' painkillers kick in (maybe they have a little as I am quoting the Power Rangers) I thought I'd share my current skin care wish list. My skin is dire at the moment and I mean dire - it has to be hormonal as nothing has really changed in terms of lifestyle or routine. Anyway here is what I am lusting for and why...

1 and 2, I will be the first to admit that I don't often use a toner but I have read that using a hydrating toner such as MD Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray altered nightly with an exfoliating toner such as Pixi Glow Tonic can really do wonders for the skin. At this point I'll try anything and the moisture boost will be much needed come the colder weather and exfoliating really helps keep my Milia in check.
You can find the  MD Moisture Defence Antioxidant Spray here - link but you will have to mail order or pop into the Pixi Store to purchase the Glow Tonic.

3, I am convinced I can see wrinkles forming before my very eyes and the two places that concern me most is my forehead (I tend to raise my eyebrows a lot and as a result have created a frown line) and my eye area. This months treat to myself will be the Origins Start Over Moisturiser and Eye Cream hopefully they can help prevent any lines from becoming trench like. 
You can find the Origins Start Over Moisturiser and Eye Cream here - link.

4, My enlarged pores are the bane of my existence, I have considered going for chemical peels that promise to reduce them but the truth is I am terrified that something will go wrong. You only get one face and I simply am not brave enough to mess around with chemical peels at this point. Anyway I have read great things about REN's Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask (aka No Pores or Invisible Pore Mask). I'm not looking for a miracle but anything that can deep cleanse and prevent my pores from clogging warrants a purchase in my case.
You can find the REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask here - link

5, My eyes are fairly sensitive and don't always enjoy my newest mascara or eye cream for that matter so with that in mind I have been eyeing (pun fully intended) up Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask. It soothes, it cools and it calms making it perfect for irritable eyes.
You can find Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask here - link

6, Continuing on with my love for all things Clarins I have decided that my next scrub will be none other Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract. Gentle yet gets the job done and again will help my skin in the quest of being Milia free.
You can find Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract here - link

7, My love for Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser is deep, nothing and I mean nothing can replace it in my book. It is gentle yet effective and the entire time I used it my skin was never better - it glowed, it was blemish free and generally just in a better state. I plan on repurchasing this as a matter of urgency!
You can find Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser here - link

8, Last but not least I have one other Origins product that I will be making space for on my bathroom shelf any day now and that is the Origins Out of Trouble Mask. I have heard that this not only calms and soothes the skin but can help banish pesky blemishes too. In fact I may just purchase this today as I have to go to Boots this afternoon...whoops!
You can find the Origins Out of Trouble Mask here - link

What skin care products top your list at the moment?

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  1. Great list :) :) nice post..

  2. I wouldnt bother with the Out of Trouble Origins mask, it does nothing really. Dont waste your money!

  3. Oh no! So sad to hear about your arm, I hope you're feeling better soon. I won't lie though, I did get a little giggle out of the story. I'm pretty much dying to try anything and everything origins right now.

  4. MONU's Recovery Balm. I have exceptionally sensitive skin due to chemical burns all over my face (not due to a face peel, but I still wouldn't recommend one) and even though it stinks of roses, my skin didn't actively hate it as it does most moisturizers.

  5. I've just bought the Origins GinZing moisturiser and it's amazing! I've seen results in a week. Thats my kind of product. Not to mention it smells amazing.

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  6. I really want to try the Pixi Glow Tonic but it's so hard to get a hold of unless you live in London!

  7. I hope you arm will feel better soon. I love all your skin care products. I am using a exfoliating toner at the moment and I had so many compliments on my skin lately= happy me!!

  8. The Clarins has one of the best cleansers I've ever used! :)

    Roses are bluee ♡

  9. Ouch, hope you're ok! Great selection, I'd have pretty much picked the exact same choices. I'm dying to get my hands on the Pixi Glow Tonic but it's impossible to get hold of.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  10. Oh god I hope your arm is okay now!! My skin needs saving in winter and cold weather so this post has helped with thinking about how to care for it :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  11. Winter always destroys my skin :( Origins Starting Over is my go to product!
    Thank you for a great post and blog!
    check my blog out at

  12. Oooh, after reading this I am definitely interested in the Clarins exfoliating cleanser! Sounds like exactly what I need!


  13. I hope your arm is better soon :) I am dying to try the pixi glow tonic but the fact you have to mail order it on the phone really puts me off whenever I think about it it's to late lol. I loved this post 2 :)

    Adele xo

  14. My mum now swears by Origins... I need to try ... Clare Elise

  15. Didn't know REN did a pore minimising mask, would love to try it!
    alicekatex ♥

  16. I'm going to save up and get something from Origins, recently it's all people have been blogging about so naturally I now need to get my hands on something from them!

  17. Good list !! Clarins products are good. I like its cleansers !!
    Mirela |

  18. You've made me want some stuff from your list now! Really want to try that REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask. Will have to put it on my list!!

  19. I'm so glad you posted the link to the out of trouble mask, it's been sold out on their website for ages and both big boots and John Lewis and Aberdeen are out of stick too, the advisor said it was a stockist issue! My skin has been a hormonal mess and I've really been wanting to try this out. Just need to get something for scarring/red bits now! Thank you!
    Jodi xx


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