Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Favourites #6

Weekly Favourites

I apologise that my weekly favourites aren't all that exciting but the week past has been dull and I spent a good portion of it in bed battling a bug...always fun. On the plus side I did get a lot of reading done so I thought I'd share one of the books I really enjoyed "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. I was shocked to learn the author is male as it reads as if wrote by a female...I realise that is slightly sexist but it is actually a testament to the author in my opinion. Anyway this is not my usual fodder but it is a gripping story full of ups and downs that I feel many will not only enjoy but relate to.

My skin looks like crap at the moment - dull and blemish prone. I am also under the impression that I have aged 10 years in the space of a week. Slight exaggeration but my skin is dire and the product I have been slapping on hoping it will work its youth activating properties on my skin. I want to look 15 again damn it! I kid but this is a really light oil that is said to replenish the epidermal lipids (these protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier to keep hydration in yet prevent blemish provoking impurities). This oil is packed with plant extracts such as 20 precious oils from around the world and I have to say so far so good. I will update with a full review in a few weeks. To beat the overall appearance of looking washed out and sickly I have been busting out Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanning Lotion - quick, easy and natural is exactly what you want from a tanner and this is exactly what it does. I heard rumours this range was coming to the UK? It's yet to materialise that's for sure.

Make-up has been basic this week, so basic that my post only includes three items! I personally swear by Bourjois Rice Powder - it adds a light yet natural radiance boosting quality to the skin, sets foundation and can double up as a highlighter. Easily one of the best powder products on the high street. Unsurprisingly I have another Bourjois product in my favourites (the brand can do no wrong in my book) which is Bourjois Color Boost Lip Pencil in Peach on the Beach. A light yet bright peachy coral that wears exceptionally well, moisturises the lips and has a beautiful glossy sheen. What is not to like? My last pick is Stila Waterproof Brow Color in Light - it's fuss free, natural looking and waterproof. 

Last but not least I have had a week long urge for sugary sweet pink nails - think sugared almonds and strawberry butter cream hues of pink and you have the idea and I have satisfied my craving with Sensationail's Pink Chiffon gel polish. I love that once cured this can last for up to a month!

What product has rocked your socks off this week?

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  1. This is such a beautiful book! I had to study this back when I was doing my A Levels and I've been captivated by it ever since! I read it more than twice a year and I totally get what you mean about it feeling like it's written by a female x

  2. Take care, honey. Hope you're well soon :)

  3. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better!

    I've heard a lot about this book, so maybe I should check it out finally :)

    Hmm maybe...

  4. get well soon :)


  5. I really want to try the daily moisturizer as I saw a few people talking about it! Get better soon! <3

  6. Oh I've not tried the rice powder but I love bourjois so need to give it a go I think, bourjois never disappoints me.

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  7. Get well soon :) Know what you mean about battling bugs and your skin looking dull I'm just gettin over it :) Keep smilin. Sparkles *** Clare Elise

  8. Hope you feel better soon! I've heard lots of good things about the book, the lip crayon and the powder - I think these are everyone's favourites haha! :)

  9. Those aren't boring picks to me! I'm super curious about the new Origins oil :)


  10. That book gives me goosebumps, definitely a testament to the author because each time I read it I feel so intensely her pain and literally cry like no tomorrow, have such an admiration for any author that can produce that level of emotion through words!
    Hope you get well soon! <3
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  11. Armani lipstick :-) love wearing it


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